Tony Romozi praise is the best near-end pointer

Dallas Cowboy’s four-dimensional Tony Romo has given a high evaluation of Jason Witten, Jason Witten. He said in an interview in front of the sea eagle: “He may be the best player in Dallas.”

Great can have a lot of ways to interpret, maybe Witten’s old experience and reliability is to let Romo always choose his important reason, but Romo himself is also supported by people, cheap nfl jerseys from china in fact, no one requires fans. Support.

Witten maintains the second high record of the denim, the ball is 10014 yards and 52 reaches. At present, he only requires 1890 yards or averaged 3 season to reach, which can transcend Michael Irvin.

This can be said, we encourage Romo to tell the team’s efforts, such as Emmit Smith, Randy White, Bob Lily, Tony Tony Tony Dorsett, Demarcus Ware, Lee Roy Jordan and Larry Allen. They are all shared a huge player for the wingets.