Beyond the statistics, the numbers and general common sense that we all as not only islanders, but human beings have grown to hate but accept, is the un believeably ridiculas expansion of the Internet. That mysterious endless void, not unlike the ocean that so many of us may very well call home.

however today, and with the help of trained professionals, the Internet is not so daunting and scary of a place.

Without Hardpressing a Salespitch its fair enough at the very least to say that owning and operating a website with your business today is a great addition to your marketing mix for a multitude of reasons…heres 5

1. Everyone and their grandmother today, owns a computer and probably uses Facebook..thats a simple place to start.

2. A Website just shows your customers that you are on top of your game, that you know your s%*t and that you know how to flow your dough…simply put… websites look cool.

3. Centralizing your online marketing through your website opens leads and potential markets for generating new clients.

4.With an E-Commerce site, you can literally open a store from your laptop, and sell products from your living room..thats money in the bank.

5. not only for your customers, but you as a business owner, investing in web development opens perspectives for you to learn about your business as well.

there is much to learn in this Bright industry, for more info yall can Friend me, Biron on Facebook!