By sharing information and  professional advice on your blog posts, you will position yourself as an expert in your field. In addition, blogging can play a big part in marketing your business, if your current traffic and followers find your content informative and useful there will be a great chance that they will share it on their favorite social media channels, driving all kinds of new traffic to it as well!.. (the more likes and shares the better for SEO too!)


One of our Vancouver Island projects is, this site generates the majority of its traffic from the blog posts!  For example a post on “how to get to Trent river falls” receives 1000’s of local hits every few months (this is a big deal for an area of under 50,000 people) another example would be: the popular Union Street Grill and Grotto blog featuring a very  short blog post about the Dine Around Comox Valley event, in just one month they receive over 2000 unique visitors to that post, from people looking for information about it!  A 20 minute blog post bringing 2ooo+ targeted visitors!! if this doesn’t make you want to blog then read it again!


Blogging also boosts search engine optimization for your website. As long as you are keeping your posts relevant to your industry and/or your target audience, this is a huge opportunity to boost your traffic! Many Blog posts are often found on the first page of Google searches. The more blog articles you have the more traffic, and the more leads your business will receive. Another thing to point out is each post will offer long term results, many of your posts can and will be used as a reference for years following the publish date! The more you post the more search engines will start to recognize you are an information source in your field and will boost your ranking accordingly as well!


In summary,.. offering a blog has become almost essential to a business’s online marketing strategy. if you’re not a writer, consider video,.. or maybe get one of your staff to do it..


and then of course you could always hire us! ;)


Darcy Lefebvre

Marketing Darcy and Associates 


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