My not so jolly junipers! There are things about Canadian right wingers that turn even the most solid red leftist  into intense envy blue over the way the right can so clearly focus on what unites them more than what divides them.   Hardly a year since the tide turning election in Alberta and already– ALREADY!—the right wing in Alberta has come together to talk—agree!—about how they can work together to ensure that NDP never governs in Alberta again. Last week delegates  from all over the province came to Calgary and voted overwhelmingly to consider forming a Unite the Right party blended from the right wing Conservative Party and the ultra-right Wild Rose Party in order to ensure there is an united right wing alternative to the NDP in Alberta.

Indeed it was the Reform Party that first of all renamed itself “Alliance” to appeal to a broader electorate then successfully pushed to further unite the Canadian right by creating the Conservative Party of Canada through merging the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties.

If those whose seek office to protect the privilege of a few over the needs and desires of the many and over the need of all for a healthy environment can come together so easily to work collectively towards their goals, why can’t those who value the inherent worth and dignity of all people, who believe we have an obligation to ourselves and our children to care for our Earth, why can’t we  come/work together to ensure the just, sustaining and Sustainable country/provinces we believe in?

This isn’t just swirly in the sky stuff either.  The next BC election is May 9, 2017–a year away! And what do we see coming:  NDP: jobs, jobs, jobs!  Doesn’t matter what they do to our Earth, our atmosphere our communities, it’s jobs, jobs, jobs. Now Christy Clark is onto the same mantra: jobs, jobs, jobs, but there is a difference according to BC NDP leader John Horgan: while the BC Liberal banner says “jobs”, the  NDP banner says “jobs for British Columbians”

What about those who want jobs but actually care that the jobs we create are healthy for the people and environment of BC?  Well there is the BC Green Party but its new leader seems so narrowly focused on environmental issues that he enthusiastically supports the Liberal’s Run of the River projects; projects which have become so  fiscally irresponsible and costly to BC Hydro customers that even the Liberals have had to pull or put off further construction despite being richly rewarding to the pockets of Liberal sponsors(ie, Premier’s private sector “donated” salary boost club).

When I think about the next election and I think about the just, sustaining and sustainable province that I want to see us create, I can’t escape the idea that what would be good for our province and the people of our province would be a NDP minority government with the Green Party holding the balance of power—or the VERY much less likely Green Party government with NDP balance of power! The resulting government would need to be consensus building. Rather than imposing the typical majority government–styled  one party agenda, a minority NDP government  would need to incorporate the views of other legislators and listen to citizen concerns about creating  a just, sustaining and sustainable province for the benefit of all.

Yes, but great as that might sound , could it actually come about? Certainly it won’t happen if we all continue to think apart and to let those who aren’t working for the benefit of all come to the polls with one unified choice while the progressives(what else could I call us) come divided and uninspired by any one party of itself.  One thing you and I can be certain of is that if we wait for the progressive leaders to talk common interests and common needs and our common need for a healthy province—we’ll still be waiting long past the next and next and next election. The right would do as they did in Alberta and talk and act on their common interests, but we need a way that we–the broad spectrum of progressive citizens–can work to create our common good; despite the official leadership.

It’s over to you. What do you think? Do you care enough about the future of our province to work with a wide diversity of people to try to ensure a minority NDP government with a Green Party balance of power? One way—the only proven way I know of– this could happen is if groups like The Dogwood Initiative or Democracy Now carry out, as they did in the last federal election, active information campaigns to let BC citizens know what ridings could the NDP or Green Party win to ensure a minority BC NDP government with a Green Party balance of power.  It would make for a dream team; it would warm your soul to think of progressives getting beyond their divisive leadership to work together for our common good and it is our only hope for a just, sustaining and sustainable BC.