Trumpty Dumpty


Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall

Trumpty Dumpty rose to the call

All of the Democrats had to confess

They didn’t know how to get out of this mess


Trumpty Dumpty was one scary clown

And no one was able to bring the man down

All the Republicans wanted to throttle

The Genie that they had let out of the bottle


Trumpty Dumpty sat on the wall

Trumpty Dumpty really had balls

‘Cuz all the Russians and all Putin’s men

Interfered to make Trumpty a winner again


Trumpty Dumpty he has it all

It’s not on his radar, that he’d take a fall

“I am your leader now, you have no choice

Only I can fix it, ‘cuz I am your voice”


Trumpty Dumpty has made it quite clear

He’s strutting his stuff with the politics of fear

Delusions of grandeur, he’s over the hill

He should be committed, he’s mentally ill!