It is time for action. The lack of leadership consistent with American values, common decency being among the most important,  by Donald Trump has lead me to the inescapable conclusion that we can no longer be patient and wait for Trump to become Presidential. We have little time to continue to be patient, as there is no indication he will become something he does not have the ability to become…a leader of the American people who understands the awesome responsibilities of the office and is able to carry out these responsibilities in a manner consistent with the rule of law and decency the position commands. I come to this conclusion after months of certainty that the worst thing would be to Impeach Trump. That it would further inflame his base of supporters, and that the best thing would be to just ride out his Presidency. and that, perhaps worst of all, were he Impeached, he would become a martyr. However, his behavior has become so problematic, some would say crazy, that we really can’t continue down this road of hoping he will become Presidential. There is no indication he is even aware of what that means. It is time to protect our future, the future of our children, grandchildren, all we hold dear. He must be impeached. This an issue that transcends politics. We can no longer sit by hoping this “bull in a China shop” President will somehow find his way. It goes to the very survival of our society, our way of life, our world…and the world of future generations. It is a “so, what did you do in the war daddy moment.”  We can no longer ignore the real danger President Trump presents to the world. He must be impeached….now.


Whether you agree or not,  for more  specifics as to the why, and why now,

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Yours in hope for a better and safer world in 2018!


Steve Faraher-Amidon