Wellness Workshop: Three Gentle Ways to Release Chronic Pain – Are Aches and Pains Eroding Your Life?
Hosted by Heart Drum Beat Yoga and Healing Services on Sunday, April 12th from 1 pm – 2:30 pm. The House of Now – 536 Fifth Street, Courtenay

This workshop is designed to help people suffering from chronic pain break through their cycle of frustration and restore their joyful enthusiasm. Anyone interested in attending can register for a FREE ticket online or by phone. The training is a mixture of lecture, gentle exercise and worksheet activities. It is suitable for all ages and physical conditions.

During the workshop participants will:
~ Learn about the physics and patterns underlying their pain.
~ Explore gentle exercises that will melt pain away and open their joyful essence.
~ Develop tools to restore a healthy stress response while building health and vitality.

According to lead trainer Arrow Gonsalves: “80 – 85% of modern day illness is stress related. These days chronic pain is a common symptom along the continuum of declining physical, mental and spiritual health. It has a huge impact on personal performance, relationships and quality of life. Over time it compounds into more serious disease and drug dependency. The first step to reversing this condition is for people to realize the underlying physics and energy mechanics behind their chronic pain. Then, with a few simple exercises they can incorporate checks and balances and find it is very easy to reverse. I have successfully helped hundreds of people release chronic pain with these simple and enjoyable techniques that also open the heart and raise serotonin for a more enjoyable and creative life! Let me help you break through this cycle of frustration for once and for all.”

You can register for your free ticket online at: http://heartdrumbeat.com/three-gentle-ways-to-release-chronic-pain-2 or phone: 250.800.0505