Such a good coaching performance made him a chicgens in Chicago in 2004. He led the bear team to enter the playoffs 3 times. In the 2006 season, with a powerful defensive group, the bear won 15 games (13 regular matters and 2 playoffs), became a national world champion and entered a super bowl. In the storm, they lost to Tony Dungy led Indian Dungy.

Finally, Jared – Gough, he’s this “belated good game”, but the team from top to bottom the trouble of painstakingly results, why say so? First, compared to last season, the team changed the coach, changed the offensive system, for the entire wide receiver group, and even change the jersey. Compared with last season, coach Sean – Gough McVeigh was designed more shotgun formation, let Goff operate more similar to the original University of California, attack routine, this is the key to success. After the ball away from the start line to run it completely false, although fewer, but Gough face less pressure, the ball was more a long time, he passed 9 5 As with last season, beautiful enough in the face of pressure, but no pressure hit 20 pass rate is 16, 5 long pass also pass 4, Goff each shot firmly eventually paid off. Gratitude is Sami – Watkins, Cooper – Karp, Robert – Woods, catch this group than last season, but luxury more than one grade.

Datou did never revealed that I was interested in playing 5 years, he said he still assessed his career length every year. “I will still consider once a year and then do everything in the year of determining the war. But I am willing to tell the management of my plan.”

Since Dudops, Dun Payese has suffered from Arthamimer. Last month, it was reported that he was detected by new coronal pneumonia. His situation is once, and recently returned to the old home, but on Wednesday, his blood oxygen oxygen declined, his family sent him to the end of the hospital.

A whole month ago, Bill and two rams Eagles made a series of transactions, how the results? Bill sent the number one wide receiver Sammy – Watkins, get Jordan – Matthews is still in the new season to become the number one wide receiver; sending head guard Ronald Horn – Darby, the resulting “Tim head” EJ- cover Burns has played a blockade force head horn Wei, the first week it seems, Bill equal in vain to get another draft pick from the two teams. In contrast Rams and Going Here Eagles, Rams get Sami – Watkins enriched with offensive arsenal of offensive moment lively. The Hawks head horn guard Darby played just less than half limped, injury need one to two months.

Dun Pusci’s legendary shooting is far from the long shooting of the second far. Until 1984, another player was tapping to complete at least 60 yards.


Now, Dudops’s record has been chased 5 times and in 2013 by Denver’s wild horse playing the Matt Prater (64 yards).

However, before recent years, Smith is one of the most respected coaches of the alliance. His performance when he served as a defensive coordinator in St. Louis Ram made him name. In the 2001 season, he joined the ranks in the first year, ranking the team’s ranking on the 23rd and 31 of the previous season, raised the number and the average rumor score to the league 3 and 7.

Big W in the opener after the injury healed, the treatment is still subject to other “inhuman”, the offense and defense on the right road jaguar two offensive linemen Jeremy – Parnell and AJ- Kahn crazy-team Big W and basic dodging large watts when rushing the ball and let him know what to do. And I think on the pass rush big step backward slightly watt in power, and even eat alone also fail to reflect the absolute advantage. Overall, the first battle after injuries fairly satisfactory.

Watt’s first show was a small surprise, beyond the expected tough competition to let him show the strength of the anti-cattle run and rushed in, and probably the greatest left tackle Joe – Thomas the contest, small watt difficult throw off opponents, but his hard work and perseverance let Thomas is very troublesome, it seems that this is inherent in the family genes, also a record jump steals show small watt focus and talent, in addition to three missed tackles, small watt perfect debut.

This is often implicit to retire to the first clear expressed hope to fight for 40 years old. If you play a 5-year ball, he will be 41 years when retiring. When he still exerts a professional bowl level, the steel man should be willing to let him continue to serve as the first. However, the problem is that when Rudolph grows, can he continue to occupy the first four-defense position?

“Big Sam” Bradford in St. Louis won the Offensive Rookie rookie season, but then career from bad to worse, until came to Minnesota. Last season he led played a surprising five-game winning streak this season, “water bridge” is still injured, Big Sam peace of mind to sit tight after starting, played a game quite accurate, true shooting percentage 87.9% it may not make people too surprised, but big Sam actually threw a 5 long pass, Stephen – Diggs and Adam – Xi Lun all into her arms, big Sam with a less typical game to start a new season journey.