[Review of the event] Double up to the defensive group, Tiger 27-17 Lower Dolphin

Beijing October 8th, http://Www.Eurocasalinghinoci.com/public/include/css.Asp?p=www.eurocasalinghinoci.com_99.html the performance of the tiger and dolphins in the upper and lower half is very different.

Dolphins completed the ruling stage in the first half, and established a 17-0 score advantage before the rest of the midfield, but they did not keep the momentum to the second half. The tiger has a 27-point, including two defensive groups to reach, and they did not give opposting opportunities to opponents, and finally 27-17 reverse wins, the record became 4-1, and the dolphins were connected after the three consecutive wins in the opening season. field.

After leaving the head injury, Laremy Tunsil left a grade for the protection of Ryan Tannehill, the protection of Ryan Tannehill due to the head injury. Tiger three times kill Tam Hayell, two of which contributed by Gino Atkins. Every time Tam Hill tries to pass the ball, Atkins will appear in a timely manner and oppressed him.

At 2:37 hours, the killing of Carlos Dunlap caused the ball, Sam Hubbard, obtained the ball to attack 19 yards, completed the lock winning party.

Earlier in the game, instead of Tang Hill’s left cut Sam-Yang (Sam young) did not stop Michael Johnson, causing Tam Hill to raise his hand because it was pressed, and the ball hit it nearly The helmet of Durham Smythe, played in the direction of Johnson. Johnson did not have a waste of opportunities, he copied the ball and attacked 22 yards, chasing the score to 17 flat.

Randy Bullock subsequently completed 20 yards to try, let the Tiger 20-17 lead.

Andy Dalton has completed 20 times in the audience, and the 248 yards were promoted, and once again, it was copied once. A.j. Green (A.j. Green) completed 6 batches and promoted 112 yards.

Tanharie has completed 20 times, pushed 185 yards, reached once, twice were copied, and the ball was turned.