Cloning Adds To Factory Farm Horrors
Sometimes I say to myself, Surely there is a limit to our utter contempt for all other life on our planet, but then I read something like this article on how cloning adds to factory farm horrors, and the answer comes back—no there is no limit to our utter contempt for other life nor anything else about our living Earth. Has the old adage “What goes round, comes round” completely lost its ability to inform our understanding of karma?
In this Huffingtonpost article, Peter Fricker, Communications director, Vancouver Humane Society, argues that
The news of China’s plans to clone cattle to meet its growing demand for meat is yet another signpost on a road heading for a dark future for factory-farmed animals and for our own moral well-being.
But China’s disturbing project is in many ways just building on the pitiless commodification of animals already inherent in intensive animal agriculture.
Fricker notes that “if humans grew as fast as broilers, “a 6.6-pound newborn baby would weigh 660 pounds after two months.” No animal’s skeleton or organs can possibly keep up with that kind of hideous growth.
None the less spokesperson for the poultry genetics company Hubbard Oliver Rochard recently told the Wall Street Journal, “We are only at the beginning of understanding everything we can do,”
Read the whole article. I will have more to say about this in an up coming blog post titled, “I sure get the feeling something’s gone wrong,”

Norway’s sovereign wealth holds lessons for Canada
This CBC article by Susan Ormiston is a must read for anyone interested in how we can pay for our social safety net and all else that goes with a just, sustaining and sustainable Canada.
Norway not only sustains a healthy society now, but it has socked away a $1-trillion Cdn Sovereign Wealth Fund from oil and gas royalties to ensure its future at a time when Alberta faces a multi-billion dollar deficit because the wealth flowing from Canadian resources went to mega oil and its climate change denying efforts.

Oregon: Armed protest at US government building
It won’t come as a surprise that the rightwing press in the US is playing up the patriotic actions of an armed gang of cattle ranching thugs that have over run the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge centre in Bend, Oregon.
Media Coverage of Oregon Militia Standoff Raises Eyebrows — and Ire
Despite the extreme nature of the armed take over by heavily armed militia , both media and law enforcement response appears muted, especially in comparison to other recent protests
I don’t know if it is worth reading about this YallQaeda US absurdity — that passes as normality
South of the border, but does help in understanding  the following  Bryan William Jones @BWJones twittersphere graphic:

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Germany’s Superhighway for Bikes Offers Hope for ‘Transformative’ Transportation
As anyone who knows me in the slightest would guess, this one absolutely sends my heart atwitter.
Germany is creating a potentially “transformative” transportation alternative by opening a stretch of a highway for bikes that is slated to take tens of thousands of cars off the road every day.
The Radschnellweg RS1, open now, stretches 100 kilometers running through city centres to connect 10 cities. The RS1 is lit and will be cleared of snow in winter.
About Time’: Jerry Brown Declares State of Emergency Over Porter Ranch
Following months of pressure from activists and residents, California Governor Jerry Brown on Wednesday issued a state of emergency over the Porter Ranch-south of Los Angeles- gas leak that has been pouring tens of thousands of kilograms of methane into the air surrounding the community since October.
Residents living in proximity to the well, which is situated in Aliso Canyon, roughly 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles, reported having symptoms of methane exposure, including headaches, nausea, and in some cases, bleeding eyes and gums.
The leak, which has been ongoing since October.
Who was that called natural gas “safe”?