Dolphin running guards shoulder and shoulder, wholesale Jerseys will not lack next week.

In the Mai Ami Dolphins, wholesale jerseys the Miller Miller was only held 4 times in Lamar Miller in the game of 16-20. This can’t help but think of whether his shoulder injury has not recovered, and it may even become worse. After a day, the official website reporter gave an optimistic news: Miller injured and will not absent this week.

In Miller’s first ball, he was hit by the lion defensive cututs and the NDAMUKONG SUH, and lost 2 yards. On the game, he only won 10 yards. Subject to Daniel Thomas 5 times to get 14 yards, and a drop in the ball. Damien Williams, did not bring surprises, and he won the 34 yards 7 times.

This week’s dolphins will have a total adjustment time to Miller in Miller on Thursday Night. Dolphins on Monday on the local time, 49 people in front of San Francisco jewered to Mike James from the training lineup. Since the current team’s offensive backfield is not good, James has the opportunity to enter the big list of Thursday.8 months ago