I find it interesting that the same week that there is a buzz about Tim Horton’s being bought by Burger King because of Canada’s friendly low corporate taxes that Dr. Brian Day, owner of a private clinic in Vancouver and private medicare advocate, is interviewed in the media about his feelings that people have a right to choose private health care. Dr. Day is appealing for support by advocating “choice” in health care.

Canada’s low corporate taxes are attracting international corporations to set up in Canada and, because of those low taxes, the Federal Government has lowered its transfers of funds to the provinces. These funds are used for services like education and health care for all citizens. The provincial governments are now open to privatization because they don’t feel these services are sustainable.

However, it will simply mean that those who can afford it will get premium health care while those who can’t, will be left to be serviced by a bare bones system. One only has to look south of the border to see what happens to society where the gap between the wealthy and everyone else widens.

We Canadians need to think carefully about what we value in our democracy and how we can maintain values that we traditionally hold dear. Dr. Day’s has requested that his court case be delayed. In the meantime let your MLA and MP know what you value as a Canadian. You can check out the sustainability of medicare on this link: http://medicare.ca/main/the-facts/9-sustainability-of-health-care.