“I see two things from Ryan, who is one of his understanding of the offense he was very proficient basis for the attack, which allows him to move on and second on his experiences over the past three years has been – Tom…. Bray Di (Tom Brady) on the bench, allowing him to learn a lot. when huddle, when playing a practice game, he was able to find a small group of offensive problems. I’d love to see him continue to grow. “

The combination of the saints in the season is excellent in performance, Tailor – Amustead and Zach Strief season score is +1.9 and +3.5, respectively. Bristol is given to Bris. However, the inside protection is terrible. This season hit the current, the pressure of the passage of the inside is nearly 40 times higher than the last season, and the transmission efficiency drops to 76.8%, which can only be ranked 25th. The most important reason this is the state landslide of Jahri Evans, which was previously scored for each season. Before the 2014 season, his career rating has come +47.6. Divided, he scored a gradation of the score of -17.6 points, and the crowded countdown in alliances. The inside of the passive ball is not bad, and it is often more harm to pass the attack. If the saints can’t adjust and improve this weakness in time, it will be a great hidden danger in the future.

The red skin still leaving a four-point Wei Kark Coss, but “cousin” with its actual actions, this is also the value of the people in the near 3 seasons. Always stay one of the reasons for the competitiveness in the country. In the 49-person competition in San Francisco 26-24 last week, Cousins ​​came out of 330 yards, and even the belt ran down 3 times, with the 5.44 yard’s pass codes with the 8.44 yards of the Pass 106.4. Leading the country. Red leather running Kieslis Toms became a heterogeneous part of the Alliance offensive players, and he won 105 yards last week. In the past 3 games, there were at least 100 yards. The ball data is indeed a very inexpensive. And he is also the only player who can get at least 300 yards of the number of spheres and 150 yards running codes in this season. Attacks the same outstanding red skin, will you kill the four parties in the Lincoln Financial Stadium under the leadership of Cossos?

Cheap Nfl Jerseys Alliance announced this year’s team election compensationAt the Arizona annual meeting, the Alliance announced the allocation of the 2015 Elementary Six Conference, with a total of 32 compensation sites allocated to 14 teams.

After Chandler Catanzaro retired, the jet can only enable Kaare Vedvik. However, Van Devik is unveiled in the unveiled shot, and one free shooting is not in the middle, the jet will eventually give Buffalo Bill at a point.

The letter wrote: “Hello, you don’t know us, but we want to thank you, our son is sitting in your back row, always looking at you, he saw you studying your tactics, see You have chosen a healthy food and drink. He saw how you treat everyone, he is only 10 years old but he has trained in an elite ice hockey team, and we are also going to train, and your behavior Incentive to children, you should be proud of this. Thank you. Sitting in your family behind you. “

After winning a wave of 4 winning victories, Philadelphia Eagle went to 5 wins and 1 loss. In the last week, the Night Race was defeated in the Collection of the Carolina, the second grade, the second-year quartz-Winz passed three times, two of which passed the red area of ​​this season. Kill near Duan Feng Zak – Erz. In the past two games, Wenz has transferred 7 passes to the past, and the pass score is up to 121.9. He has got 13 passed to Dagan and 1584 yards, and the two data were distributed to the 1st and 2nd of the National Union, and in his strategy, Zucker-尼 尼森Niglo got 4 pass to reach. After a season who was not too successful, Wenz and his eagle had fly on the clouds this season.

The inside of the attack is weak to affect the attack on the attackIn this year, most teams are eager to have excellent attack cuts to escort their quarterly mass protection, but the New Orleans Saints, they have excellent cuts, but they are attacking Great injury in the sharp strike. The speed of the Saint-Sainty Delu Bris (Drew Brees) is significantly accelerated, and more is due to the influence of the passball shock instead of the outside. This is in the case of the last season, and the last season has repeatedly detached the opponent in the left-trial position, but the internal pass protection efficiency is as high as 80.8%, ranking sixth.

[Event Prevent] Regular Session 7th Monday Night Column Red Leather @ 老鹰The seventh week of the regular season has occurred in the country’s most tragic Guo Lian East, challenge the Philadelphia eagle by Washington Hongyou. It has become a mid-born four-point guardian, Kirk Coss, and the downtrer of the new generation of Duison-Wenz, perhaps will bring us a good attack feast.

Texans coach: Ma Leite is getting betterHouston Texans head coach – Bill O’Brien (Bill O & rsquo; Brien) on Friday said the team backup quarterback Ryan – Ma Leite (Ryan Mallett) has made great progress. Texans before the start of the season to give Ma Leite transactions with the New England Patriots. O’Brien believes the Patriots experience can help Ma Leite better understanding of the team offensive play.