Humans are complex and cannot be reduced to twelve simple categories. For best results, read holistically, as if every sign pertained to some aspect of yourself (for it does).

September Forecast

This month, we quest for answers, curiosity driven by necessity. The world is an immense puzzle and the pieces are minds, hearts and relationships. The stakes keep rising, driving us to succeed. Communication is intense, creative and open; even those who habitually fight and react are examining their motives and questioning their behaviors. Crucially, individuals are questioning each other, asking “How does the puzzle look from where you sit? What is your point of view, why do you believe what you do?”

We need to change or we will die, if not now then in our children’s and grandchildren’s time. That is not acceptable, and so we quest. Luck is with us, and though change will be resisted, even resisters recognize the need. Hearts have strengthened, intentions have solidified. The human race wants to live. The question is, how do we stop the train we find ourselves riding to the destruction of our own habitat? The message now is, stop asserting our own rightness, open and listen to other points of view.

Aries: You are in the centre of the action, mind and eyes and heart wide open. Rather than act (as you might prefer) you need to think differently, explore new options.

Taurus: You feel vulnerable, dreamy and soft. Taking care of business is less easy because you want to sleep. You need to rest, even if it means others fend for themselves.

Gemini: You’ve been here before, but never like this. Laughter and the sharing of stories makes life more fabulous. Let the world see through your eyes and know what you know.

Cancer: Your feet are on the ground, the fire is lit in your heart(h). You know what must be done, and you are ready to act, though it frightens you. Let your body lead the way.

Leo: You are on the leading edge, showing the way with verve and creative dynamism. Others follow your lead when you shine fearlessly. Secrets are shared in your open eyes.

Virgo: You want to believe, but your practical mind says we’ll see. You are committed, in all the way, though the future looks dark and hope seems far away. Keep going, even so.

Libra: Life is becoming more fun, though the face in the mirror says keep the brakes on. Ignore that party pooper, it will be there in the morning to help with the cleanup.

Scorpio: You pity the fools. Under the surface and behind the scenes, where you live, the dark at the end of the tunnel is all there is. Grimmer, darker, deeper, but you fear it not.

Sagittarius: You have received a needed reality check, and it has freed you to expand your truth more creatively. Heed others’ opinions, but don’t be a slave to them.

Capricorn: Somewhere in the darkness, a child cries, but seek though you may, you can’t find it. Enlist skilled help, quest and listen. The child is you, and it lives here and now.

Aquarius: You are excited by potential new directions the human race might take, but sobered by memory of past mass failures. Change must come, but at what cost?

Pisces: The world sees through eyes of mist and wonder, and your dreams are infected by reality. The boundaries blur more than ever, but your feet remember the ground.

Professional astrologer Bee Wolf-Ray lives on Hornby Island and reminds you that horoscopes are not astrology. She is available for actual astrological readings via Skype or in person. Call or text 1-250-703-1480.