I hope you have noticed the two posts on this site which could be categorized as “Examples of easy to implement sustainability practices in the Comox Valley : Courtenay resident designs cost effective DIY solar hot water system and Growlers are great; reuse trumps recycle big time  .

I want to point to them because I would very much like your help in identifying the many other opportunities for easily implemented (not necessarily DIY—though that is an extra bonus!) sustainability actions in the Comox Valley. I don’t care if it is large, small, DIY, commercially available and easily implemented, corporate or non-profit group actions; as long as it is about steps we can take–in short order–to decrease our ecological footprint and increase our opportunity for a high quality of life that can be lived now and passed onto future generations, please send your examples to me -nreynolds at shaw . ca or post as a comment to this article.

I would dearly like us to see The Activist become an ongoing source of information for living sustainably in the Comox Valley. If you want help in putting your idea together as a post, send me a note and I will arrange to come by with pen and camera to work with you on writing and picturing your suggestions.
I am hoping that in one year we can publish a People’s Guide to Sustainability in the Comox Valley.
Happy Trails!