To Whom It May Concern;

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Comox. B.C.


Re: Medical Assistance in Dying ( M.A.I.D)


On several occasions I have been admitted to St. Joseph’s Hospital for various surgeries or health care. There has always been excellent “care with compassion” for which I have been grateful.

Thank goodness I was not at death’s door. For now, those who request “Medical Assistance in Dying” will have their request denied, and they will receive “care without compassion”. Your hospital motto will have to be changed.

Also the motto of the medical profession is “to do no harm”. As it stands now, Catholic hospitals and institutions across Canada are causing patients in their dying hours, (who have requested M.A.I.D.) to be transferred ( in agony) either back to their home, or to a different hospital far away from their loved ones. You are causing harm and should be held criminally responsible.

You may think you have a direct line to God, but my line is on a different frequency, and is probably connected to the same Creator. We are all humans living in this same land, and you have gone against the ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada, as it related to publicly funded institutions, such as St. Joseph’s Hospital.

I have requested of my doctor, when my time comes, if circumstances permit — please do not let me die in St. Joseph’s Hospital.


Christine Morrison

Comox, BC


Cc           Rachel Blaney, M.P.

Don McRAe, M.L.A.

B.C.. Medical Association

Comox Valley Hospice Society