It’s important to remember that both Nikon D3500 & D5600 share some of the same capabilities for comparison purposes. It is worth noting that the D3500 digital SLR is a basic model with the same resolution and sensor similar to the D5600. Both cameras have these differences along with a wide array of features, which make the D3500 a great choice for people who want to start out. If you’re planning to purchase a new camera, you need to take into consideration the features are essential to you.

If you’re seeking cameras with a huge display and quick auto-focus, this Nikon D5600 will be the most suitable option. A smaller LCD as well as more buttons are essential attributes for beginners. Despite these differences, both cameras are excellent options for amateur and professional photographers. If you’re looking for an exciting camera for your next vacation, take a look at these cameras.


If you’re searching for a camera with Bluetooth as well as SnapBridge connectivity, then the D5600 is the ideal option. It offers faster wireless connectivity as well as the ability to transfer images onto your phone or computer via your smartphone. The D3500 On the other hand, lacks Bluetooth and is not weather-sealed. Since it does not have weather sealing this D3500 is better to use for street photography.


The D5600 is more equipped with than AF points. There are only eleven. The D3500 is the only one with just 10. Its Nikon D5600 has 39 points as opposed to the D3500 has only eleven. The D3500 costs more and features fewer AF-points. Additionally the D5600 has more ports that are available on the D3500 which includes NFC as well as Wi-Fi. The D3500 additionally comes with GPS. The D5600 is, in the end, a better phone. an improved price-to-quality ratio.

nikon d3500

The D3500 has a more affordable price and is slightly lighter over the D5600. Although the D3500’s battery life is shorter, it’s lighter and more portable as compared to the other. The D3600 has more features than the D3500. This includes weather-proofing. This is essential in landscape photography. Unlike the D3500 The D5600 features a touchscreen display at the rear, and the touchscreen helps you change options.

Street photographers will find the D3500 much more affordable and appealing. Even though the D5600 has more accuracy than the D3500 regarding AF points however, the D3500 offers the advantage of having a larger AF points. The D5600 includes the most AF point, but the D3500 is equipped with APS-C sensors. Furthermore, the D5600 is equipped with an improved camera as well as higher quality images.

The D5600 also comes with the LCD with a touchscreen. Although the D3500 has a tilting LCD however, it does not have touch screens. The D5600 sports a rotary LCD as well as a touchscreen LCD. While the battery of the D5600 will last longer, it won’t offer as many intuitive features as D3500. The D5600 can produce more images from a single recharge. The D5600 is more expensive but has more features.

The D3500 is equipped with the same specifications similar to the D5600 however it’s smaller and less expensive. Both cameras have Wi-Fi as well as GPS. A lens is also included with the D5600. Every model is different in terms of features. The D5600 has better features for video while the D3500 can be used to take still images. Additionally, it comes with a larger screen. The device also has an AF technology that helps keep the subject in focus, even when they are moving.

The D3500 is less expensive than the D5600 however, the D3500 has additional ports. The D5600 includes more features but the D3500 offers better image quality and a more efficient autonom. The D3500 is also smaller and comes with higher memory. It’s suitable for portrait as well as sport photography. The camera’s weight is comparable to the D5600.

The touchscreen on both cameras is accessible for the D5600. However, it’s much easier to use on an Android phone. The remote control can be used to adjust exposure as well as focus. However, the D3500 does not have a GPS. The sensor of the D3500 may not be quite as durable as the one in the D5600. While the D5600 is more expensive than D3500 , it’s still good choice.

The D3500 On the other hand, is an entry-level DSLR. It’s battery life is lower than that of the D5600’s. The D3500 weighs less than the D5600. Even though the D5600 sports costs more than the D3500’s features, they make it more affordable. The D3500 lets you take photos in various modes, and it can take photos in various lighting conditions.