Humans are complex and cannot be reduced to twelve simple categories. For best results, read holistically, as if every sign pertained to some aspect of yourself (for it does).

We are hurting, but the collective control to shut down all sign of softness is set at maximum. The spiritual pray for escape from the feelings while the atheists distract with new ideas. Soft hearts pulse in the middle of our chests like hungry mouths, waiting for a soft, safe place to sob.
We try so hard to accept responsibility, but that seems to mean controlling emotions while projecting anger onto ‘the other’ and arguing with the mirror. Until tears flow without guilt or judgment, mirrors are all we see. We require someone else, some other time and place to be the problem. Growing up is hard to do.
Something huge, complex and finicky is being constructed and we each have a tiny piece of creating it. Everyone thinks they know the whole, so we bicker and try to control. Instead, we need to let go and let it grow, because the guiding intelligence is beyond any one of us. This intelligence is not ‘God,’ and it does not care if we believe in it, because it happens to be real.

Aries: You are so motivated, you have great ideas, but when you try to act, obstacles may appear. Move forward creatively, write a song, story or poem, draw a picture, dance. Let it be fun.

Taurus: Life is very serious right now, health challenges may manifest, but get your bare toes in the damp soil of the earth and all is well. Gardening season is here, that is your super power.

Gemini: Your mind is busy, ideas popping like bubbles in champagne. New inspirations, new loves, everything is new! It’s a good thing, because you were getting bored with yourself.

Cancer: Ancient feeling-memories are mixing with the emotions of today. It’s hard to tell what is real here and now from dreams and memories. Breathe, cry. Your body is real, the ground is underfoot.

Leo: Grand visions uplift you, but it’s the hands-on daily tasks that keep you engaged. Digging in the soil is the greatest gift you have now. Feel and praise the world as it blossoms.

Virgo: You have more responsibility than you want and also more power to handle it. The world is ready to acknowledge you, but you have to know yourself first. See yourself great.

Libra: So many things and people to love, how to choose only one? It’s okay to be selfish sometimes, it’s not always about others’ needs. Follow your heart, and stay true to your nature.

Scorpio: Tears come more easily, but self-protective instinct tells you to control yourself. Don’t listen. Let your heart melt and flow out your eyes. Let your body feel, that is where you start.

Sagittarius: You feel a duty to a grand vision that inspires you. Deeply serious, you weigh your choices against what is right and move toward the greater good. That doesn’t make it easy.

Capricorn: Relinquishing authority is not easy, but it’s time. Let the balls you’re juggling drop, keep only what lands at your feet. It’s not all up to you. Trust others to carry their share.

Aquarius: Life is getting interesting, you’re having real fun. You see beauty and balance, the picture keeps changing in fascinating ways. You can’t get enough of the world around you now.

Pisces: You are losing yourself in memories that feel like dreams. Family is precious, but tedious, as old stories keep playing themselves out. Release yourself by giving attention to your senses.

Professional astrologer Bee Wolf-Ray lives on Hornby Island and reminds you that horoscopes are for fun. She is available for in-depth readings via Skype or in person.

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