After reading the Courtenay Council’s news release concerning their new-found interest in working with Maple Pool I reflected that this was all very predictable. With an election looming it’s no wonder that these councilors are looking for any way they can to save their political hides. Do they really believe that the Friends of Maple Pool, the residents who have been tormented for four years wondering whether they will be evicted from their homes and out onto the streets, or even the Courtenay community will really buy this story?

After four years of secret council meetings, beating up on Maple Pool, and then blocking their attempts to make any kind of progress towards keeping the 56 vulnerable residents in their homes, why is council sudden showing such leniency? Council spent upwards of $250,000 dollars of taxpayer’s money on legal bills; we don’t know the real cost as they will no longer tell us. Do they really expect us to believe that their latest offer to “delay legal action until the new year” is anything more than just a shallow attempt to sweep this issue under the carpet until after the election? If they truly meant no harm they would terminate all legal action and work with the owners of Maple Pool to find a solution which could work for everyone involved. I’m reminded of the old cliché “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” It’s clearly time for a new administration at city hall. See you in November!