A letter from a Comox Valley resident: tonight, I rejoined the BC NDP.  A number of reasons:

–  Sunny ways Trudeau has been co-opted by the old boys in the party and have told him to go play in the sand box, be in parades and follow the script they ahve been preparing for him.  Pipelines, LNG, election reform, carbon taxes, Bill C-51, cancel P3 requirements for federal infrastructure and the list goes on.  Let me know if you want me to send you of Tommy telling the story of Mouseland.

–  The BC NDP needs a kick in the rear about local issue of public health, environement, public education, tax policy.  I’m sick about what Christy has been told what to do about BC.

–  the NDP needs to highlight local issues in this campaign, not slavishly follow the play book coming out of provincial office and caucus. We saw what that did in 2013 and 2015.  Locals know better than the caucus.

–  I want an MLA who translates the Comox Valley to Victoria, not Victoria to the Comox Valley.

–  many other reasons.  Hey, have you heard that Paul Ives lost the nomination on Sunday?  What was that all about?

Basically, I think I want to be inside the tent pissing out, especially with the nomination meeting for the Courtenay-Comox constituency.

Want to  join me?  It is time for  progressives who claim to support progressive polices and the NDP to fish or cut bait.

And a blast from the past: