Just in Time Choirs have come up with an innovative way to keep learning and growing musically despite not being able to physically gather with their soon to be released Music Enrichment On-Line Modules. 

So, if you have ever wanted to learn how to read music or increase your understanding of vocal technique and develop your musical ear, join us commencing January 20th.

Module 1: Music Reading Level 1

In this course, participants will learn the basics of how to read music in a playful and interactive Zoom environment. Topics covered will include pitch identification, rhythm reading and writing up to 8th note divisions, major and chromatic scale construction, dynamics, and score navigation.  

The course will be run weekly on Wednesday evenings for 4 weeks commencing January 20.  Cost for the four sessions is only $40.

Module 2: Vocal Technique and Ear Training Level 1

Participants will learn about the physiological aspects of singing and deepen their understanding of resonance, tone, timbre, breathing for singing, intonation, register and range in this course. Develop your musical ear to be able to identify the most common intervals and major/minor tonalities.

This course will run weekly on Wednesday evenings for 5 weeks commencing February 17 and the cost for the five sessions is $50.

So join our fun group of people who love to sing for these interactive Zoom sessions, learn a new skill and make some new friends.  Full details and registration on our web site – justintimechoirs.ca