Humans are complex and cannot be reduced to twelve simple categories. For best results, read holistically, as if every sign pertained to some aspect of yourself (for it does).

June Forecast

It’s hard not to give up, so we focus on little things. Any random stimulus will do to keep our minds off the existential dilemma we are in now. The will to freedom is strong, and forces that compel conformity with an often intolerable norm grow stronger. Fighting plays into the opposing force’s agenda to create division within. Yet how to resist oppression but to fight?

We must find a new way, yet an Internet full of distraction makes it harder to focus on the real. We need to stop trying to avoid the truth, which is that we are terribly frightened and we care deeply.

Shame has laid its toxic veil over our souls. In truth, we are worthy, bright and sacred, but under the weight of shame, all we see is that we failed, are not worthy. It is a lie, of course. There has been no failure, merely a long trial and error process of learning the hard way. Mistakes are an essential part of development.

Detachment, cynicism and contempt are ‘cool’ in these times. Rather than cool, we should warm our souls, admit our fear and care to our own attention, reclaim ourselves. Not easy, but the worthiest challenge of all.

Aries: Life is heavier now. It takes hard work just to exist, and persistence doesn’t come easily. Memories of love sustain but you struggle with inner arguments and resistance.

Taurus: You are released from routine, dreams and visions bleed into the ‘real’ and cause confusion with the past. Remember your dreams, share them, pay attention to details.

Gemini: If your feet were not on the ground, you might forget you have a body. Breathe and bring attention into your senses, stretch your roots down, weed the garden of mind.

Cancer: Love is the way, but you get confused about so many small choices with unknowable consequences. ‘What if?’ cries your fear. Breathe and talk to a friend, cry.

Leo: Your inspiration is the earth now, the green growing things and their complex dance of beauty, source of stories you share and listen to while working in the garden. Listen.

Virgo: You are more vulnerable and social than usual for you. Oversharing may be an issue but it’s better than secrets. Speak freely, others will listen and share too. You aren’t alone.

Libra: Love is so obviously right, you see it shining, but too scared to act. So vulnerable, so naked is the heart! Stay safe, stay home if that’s your sphere, let the water flow.

Scorpio: You find your courage and will to act and it’s awesome. Light enters your darkness, you risk showing the world who you are and it’s scary, but it works. Celebrate!

Sagittarius: You are cautious and introverted now, but also on the spot of action and responsibility. Should you? Shouldn’t you? Yes but no. Ambiguity is uncomfortable but real.

Capricorn: Right action is obvious in your opinion, but the wheel is turning and new ideals are surfacing. Your internal power struggle reflects the outer world. Choose well.

Aquarius: You are living in a golden age of memory where love won and darkness was vanquished. Now it’s time to include the darkness in the whole picture. Balance is key.

Pisces: Your dreams are annoyingly practical, yet thoughts are confused as ever. A choice beckons but the moment is elusive. Stop and breathe, cultivate patience, tend to your mind.

Professional astrologer Bee Wolf-Ray lives on Hornby Island and reminds you that horoscopes are not astrology. She is available for actual astrological readings via Skype or in person. Call or text 1-250-703-1480.

Professional astrologer Bee Wolf-Ray lives on Hornby Island and reminds you that horoscopes are for fun. She is available for in-depth readings via Skype or in person.

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