I may not look Indian however; I did grow up on Reservations.
Also, my dad told me there is Apache blood in our family tree way back when.
I am a gentle warrior for the good of all, thanks to First Nations teachings.
The reservations I grew up on were MILITARY reservations. Not quite as ugly as residential schools, but close.

Back then I was known as the Colonel’s son.
Now, I am known as Tina’s Dad. When we are in the Sweat Lodge together and honoring the masculine, some say the names of their fathers, some add, In the Spirit World, and my daughter Tina…she says; my name and that I AM IN THE SWEAT LODGE. Everyone laughs.
Remarkable experience Tina has been for me…she came into this world onto my two hands direct from the loins of her mother (now in the spirit world)…and now Tina is not only a teacher of first nations children {Penelakut Island}, but also a leader of women who are looking for the right path. Her amazing warrior husband Les has shown her this way and the recent First Nations 7th INTERNATIONAL INDIGENOUS INDIAN LEADERSHIP GATHERING held near Lillooet continued the awareness and teachings with stories and song; an amazing 4 days of continuous honor to Mother Earth. { }

My intention is to assist non native persons to understand the importance of knowing that we are all one people upon mother earth and if we do not act for the good of all, then there will no longer be good in this world. The planet itself will expel us. Already we have reached the tipping point of no return. We did not respect Mother Earth and now have extracted her parts to such a degree that what we have known as civilization is crumbling in the darkness of the veil of economic security. First Nations around the world have
always taught honor the planet. Industry and the corporate governments have not honored anything but money.

Along with my daughter and some 350 others the 4 days of camping at the 7th International Indigenous Indian Leadership Gathering was a heartfelt experience.
There were numerous fires eventually lit throughout the gathering lands. After I set up my campsite I walked to the kitchen area and placed the bundle of ISLAND TIDES (I had neglected to distribute in Bowser) on a bench. Over the next few days I noticed the front page whale photo being torn out and some articles read, but mostly they were fuel to fire the kindling that eventually heated enough food to feed all the people at each meal. The Sweat Lodge fires were kept alive as well some attendees were able to sit in a pit house with the historic Crazy Horse’s pipe and contemplate the reality of the state the planet is in.

I departed the gathering with a sense of hope and connection.
The most amazing confirmation of what we were all about took place on the morning of the first day. After some stories and heartfelt sharing from the stage, one of the leaders began his song as the drummers drummed and everyone in attendance moved into the circle surrounding the medicine wheel composed of string, sticks, colored cloth, tobacco, sage and prayers.

We were a circling force of dancing feet and song shared, when several looked up, and then all of us witnessed a huge mother eagle flying overhead; circling right above us. As the drums were pounded and we sang, she fluttered her finger feathers several times as she looked down upon us during her circling. We at that moment in time knew she was indeed with us, and our purpose was indeed, in harmony with her and mother earth.

Representations from many cultures, including several bands from Vancouver Island, groups and individuals from Panama, Mexico, Japan, USA, Quebec Nation, China, Germany, and First Nations from BC and Alberta presented in harmony the same intentions of Unity, Acceptance, Common purpose, and Love with the guidance words: Listen. Honor. Respect. Gratitude. Pray.

The greedy corporations and the lies of government are killing mother earth. We know that war is a part of the machine that fuels the false economy. The solution now is for the 99% peoples of the earth to come together with the right intention to respect Mother Earth and all that entails. It is time to change the system that governs us.
The water is the life blood of mother earth and without it we all will dry up and die. It is time for the people to rise up and save the very life of this planet. These words–we are all one–came from a 14 year old girl and reverberated across the medicine wheel as all present strained for 45 minutes on every word she spoke to make sure they heard her correctly. Revolution. Such wise council from so young a mind. The difference between this speaker and the speaker of the Nation of Canada is that she speaks without corporate script writers giving her words and her words come heartfelt deep from the source of her innate and learned knowledge. She speaks fully from her heart and lips, while heartless Harper is frothing from the mouth full of BS, lies and deals for the 1%. This young woman is destined to be a chief one day…I approached her and told her she could take over Harper’s position TODAY ! She laughed and said “I am just a story teller!” Indeed she is. The story she tells is our history of the destruction of a modern civilization and the earth.

The hope that was offered at the Leadership Gathering came from the event referred to as Honoring Women. The speaker called for all the females to enter the space around the Medicine Wheel and then asked that the males encircle them. In doing so, the men entered into an agreement with the women to not only honor and respect them, but also Mother Earth. This is the hope we have to save ourselves; as woman has always nurtured her home, now its time for man to do the same.

Walking With Our Sisters, while being ignored by the Harper Government, is growing in momentum across the land. Watch for the gathering in Comox at the end of July into first week of August.
All my relations.

Len Walker
Deep Bay