Down-to-Earth Astrology
by Bee Wolf Ray

Humans are very complicated and cannot be reduced to twelve separate categories. For best results, read this column holistically, as if every sign pertained to some aspect of yourself (as it does).

Our collective mood is tentative, testing; we are beginning to question our assumptions in unprecedented ways. As individuals, we are much more intelligent and aware than the group persona which has some serious behavioral and learning disorders and is really a bit of a jerk. It is, however, capable of learning and evolving, and right now our collective self is going through a growth spurt. It may not be a total transformation—not yet—but every little bit helps.

All together, we are reaching the conclusion that a kinder, more balanced approach to life makes more sense in getting what we want. Assumptions are slowly melting, to be replaced by deeper awareness of the real causes of aggression. Creative projects of this time will reveal profound, deep truths that help us to understood better in the future. Progress is slow and steady, baby steps are enough.

February Forecast

Aries: This humble pie is the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted. You can see the world through others’ eyes & the mirror of your dreams, and you take pleasure in the work of your hands.
Taurus: You take some courageous risks, revealing your depths and expressing them as light. It is time to reap what you planted long ago, and to prepare the new garden for seeding.
Gemini: You contemplate great thoughts; your mind feels weighty and expanded. You participate in the great shared vision of peace, truth and equality, all humanity growing together.
Cancer: You feel strong, light, the way a tree with deep roots and uplifted boughs might feel. Sadness and joy flow equally through you, as you feel all the ways there are to feel. Don’t forget to cry.
Leo: You feel slightly abstracted, life is so busy it’s hard to keep your feet on the ground. With every step you feel blessed, there’s no need to plan ahead. Let the chips fall where they may.
Virgo: Distinctions are not clear right now. Though you prefer to be careful, you are flying by the seat of your pants. Getting out of your head, breathe consciously, take one step at a time.
Libra: Things are going your way. You feel mildly unsettled with novelty, but it’s easy to close your eyes and go along for the ride. You don’t have to try too hard, just do what comes naturally.
Scorpio: You are on solid ground, the real bottom line. Memories are a rich resource, as are your senses. Put them together and you have sensory memory, new stories without words.
Sagittarius: Forget everything you have believed, and test your assumptions, all of them. Keep only what you know beyond doubt to be true, and question that as well. Then tell the tale.
Capricorn: You feel oddly vulnerable, your emotions on your sleeve instead of decently contained. Don’t try to explain your feelings or understand them, just feel them. You’ll get it later.
Aquarius: Big movements are afoot. Grand ideas take form, many people sharing perspectives and coming to agreement. It’s an exhilarating ride, and tremendously inspiring. Give in, let go.
Pisces: Your life is poignant with significance, but what does it mean? There are no specific answers except to breathe and be, here and now, in this one moment which extends and expands, eternally.

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