Down-to-Earth Astrology
by Bee Wolf Ray

December-January Forecast

 All: This is going to be a delightful two months, on the whole. As always, there will be exceptions, but generally, Christmas and New Year’s will rank among the best, in fellow-feeling, fun and frolic, that is if we can navigate the territory between ‘the party’ and ‘the aftermath’. All signs point at this time to a permanent and profound pole-shift in the collective ethos. We are ready. We have prepared. We are coming together as a people, speaking truth to power and saying ‘no’ to oppressive rules.

We are all freethinkers, except for those who choose not to think. If you choose not to think, you will miss a lot, so if you can, do learn to think. Thinking freely is an excellent skill to have already developed, but it’s never too late.

The time has come, our work begins. I’m not talking about a revolution, but the change will be revolutionary. This will be a spontaneous shared application of hard-won skills for the betterment of all. Remember, corporations and governments are not people, but they are made out of people, people who can think. Beware the ones who can, but won’t.

Aries: You feel tense and wound up. The excitement is undeniable, but so is the fear. You can’t talk yourself out of it, so don’t try. Just feel, and vibrate the energy held in the fear. In other words, cry.

Taurus: Your work is engaging your communication skills, your body is undergoing new and expansive experiences and your world is exhibiting new possibilities. Business is not as usual!

Gemini: It’s easy to feel discouraged sometimes, but persevere. Your mind is open to the possibilities, but your emotions experience the obstacles. Coming to balance is the goal; both are correct.

Cancer: You are more ‘out there’ than usual; sometimes that makes you feel insecure. Let yourself withdraw when you feel the need. Life is good, take care of yourself; sleep, dream and feel.

Leo: You feel feisty now, impatient. The road ahead is clear, the choices are obvious, what’s the hold-up? Too bad somebody else disagrees. Oppositions should be balanced, not battled.

Virgo: You feel delicate, like there is a bull in your china shop. The bull is anger. Lead it out of the shop (shared heart) and let it express in your body. Forgiveness is key; self & other.

Libra:  Skills you developed over time out of survival necessity have a purpose now. You fear your power and the fragilities of others; you are not fragile now. Your heart has grown.
Scorpio: You are capable of just about anything right now. You are steadfast in who you are, but vulnerable to old habits and patterns. Breathe and act with care, you are on sacred ground now.
Sagittarius:  Your gift for answers is paying off. The ground underfoot is expanding, you have more room for your roots, you are ready to harvest the fruit of your studies. Trust your dreams.

Capricorn: You are divided about your priorities. Going within, home, the practices of simple living seem more worthy than worldly affairs, but you have things to say to the world, too.

Aquarius: You feel vulnerable out in public now. Your skin is too thin, you prefer to stay home. At the same time, you are irritated by the constraints of day to day living. Paradox.

Pisces: An ancient and bitter relationship is being worked out in your dreams now. That pattern shows up in your waking relationships, too. You feel fragile, so do they. Walk on eggs, heart open.
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