The House of Now in downtown Courtenay is hosting “Healthy Living Experts Forum” a live monthly forum where the Community meets our Leading Community Health Experts.  Sunday September 14th from 10am – 12:40pm, the Experts Forum will host its 4th event, offering a vibrant hub of health and learning in the community.
Developed by Arrow Gonsalves, owner of The House of Now and Heart Drum Beat – Taoist Yoga and Healing Services the forum embraces the principle that the health of society begins with the self.  Gonsalves says; “The goal is to strengthen and encourage Comox Valley residents in their individual process of health and ultimately their level of societal awareness so that a greater vibrancy of community may also take place.”
Each monthly session features area Experts in fields related to Individual, family, community or societal health.

This months experts are: 

Cynthia Fitton:  LUSH Valley Food Action Society
“Learn About Our Programs and Services That Help Strengthen Personal and Community Food Security”

Pieter Vorster:  Continual Palingenesis
“Community Way $ – Make Some Change”

Roberta Meilleur: CBP. Par.BP
“Joy: A Shortcut to Our Survival and Thrive-al”

Katie White:  RMT, HTP

“How Eating For Your Dosha Balances Mind, Body and Spirit”

Roger Albert:  Comox Valley Social Planning Society
“Our Moral Walls and the Walking Dead”

Arrow Gonsalves:  Heart Drum Beat
“How to Awaken Your Healer Within with Yoga, Kigong, Sound and Meditation”
Topics are 20 minutes in length and can be delivered as either a lecture, demonstration or participatory training.   Each month a different roster of experts gathers to represent a wide variety of topics ranging from individual health to societal philosophy.  They are delivering their skills from platforms representing both modern sciences and traditional wisdoms, ultimately dissolving the boundaries of “conventional and alternative practices” in pursuit of the greater whole.  The lectures and trainings can be simple, complex, serious or fun and joyous, there is place for everything, creating balance and optimizing the learning experience.
This is a great opportunity for the community to meet and learn from our Experts, and for our Experts to contribute their knowledge and skills to the greater community.
The event is sponsored by Heart Drum Beat – Taoist Yoga & Healing Services.  Catering Sponsor, LUSH Valley Food Action Society will provide delicious and healthy snacks… there will have a break midway through the forum, as well as a short time to mingle after.
There is a small fee to attend, $7.00 advance and $9.00 at the door, making the forum affordable, and still sustainable to purchase production related equipment and marketing materials moving forward.  Space is limited, so pre-registration is encouraged.
The Experts Forum is held on the second Sunday every month at The House of Now, 536 Fifth Street in downtown Courtenay.
Read more and Register here:      or phone Arrow Gonsalves: (250)650-9905