Black Press calls its weekly Tom Fletcher big money propaganda piece a neutral sounding “Viewpoint.” However, given Fletcher’s unrelenting, Fox News styled, rants from the radical right perspectives that Black Press tries to pass off as journalism, it would seem more appropriate to tag the column as “The Trump—ee–ter.”

I have read enough of the Fletcher’s disinformation about climate change— “information” that would hardly shift an adjective if it came word for word from oil industry climate change denial textbooks—to not linger long over Fletcher’s tendentious presentation of Exxon Mobil’s dupery. However, a recent letter from Castlegar resident, Millennial Alyssa Taburiaux to the Black Press editor rebutting Fletcher and speaking eloquently about our moral and social imperative to leave a habitable world to our children did catch my fond attention.

It warms my heart and makes me feel much better about the world my grandchildren will inherit when I read comments like Alyssa Taburiaux’s letter demanding that Black Press editorials reflect a much higher standard of credibility than the anti-science, big-money-interests-are-all-that-matter advocacy of Tom Fletcher.

Looking at the news today, it is clear that Millennials are very justified in worrying about the future we are leaving to them.  But it is not just Millennials who are concerned. As a grandfather I am deeply concerned that the near constant promotion of big oil propagandist rants like Tom Fletcher’s in defiance of the science of climate change can/will have the same dampening down effect on our actions to save our planet that the clever lies and deceptions of Big Tobacco had on our public resolution to deal effectively with the deadly consequences of smoking.

But with climate change the consequences are much greater—especially, as Alyssa’s letter suggests, when we are trading the future of all our children and grandchildren for the short-term profits of oil companies.

Even for Fletcher’s audience, it must now be obvious that the old argument that it is too expensive to deal with climate change is, just plain, dead in the water. When you look at the devastation caused by having 15 of the past 16 years being the hottest on record, it is abundantly clear that we simply cannot afford to not deal with climate change as a number one priority.

Us—all of us grandparents, Alyssa’s Millennials, our children and grandchildren desperately need a press that will bring us more than ill-informed propaganda-styled balderdash.

I see there is an effort being made in the Comox Valley to found a “Citizens’ Journalism Council” to try to balance some of the worst aspects of having information about our community and our world filtered so perniciously through the interests of big money ownership that—inherently promotes a kind of Fletcherian filter to what is of interest and significance to our community. I hope/yes, even pray/ it goes well. We have never needed such an effort more than we do today.  If you are interested in being part of this in anyway  please let me know at I would be delighted to let you know about how to get involved in this exciting project.