Oh, my gosh, just when you think the ship of fools that they call the Republican Party leadership race in the United States couldn’t get any sillier they bring out the head fool and he does this whole new act. Today Donald Trump jumped into the hilarious-if-it-weren’t-meant-to-be-serious ring of utter wacko with an announcement that he would support a boycott of Starbucks Coffee for printing red Xmas cups with bells and trees instead of Christian icons.
Apparently Twitter is flooded #StarbucksRedCup, with response to this earth shaking issue– including a full spectrum of response from absolute hate mail directed at Starbucks to a litany of gut busting humour.
One tweet suggested a reasonable compromise, make blank red cups and supply crayons to colour in anything the customer wants—should satisfy the child in everyone!
The tweet that just about busted my gut wouldn’t have been funny at all if it weren’t for the pronouncement of the front running Republican candidate and the hate mongering of the Christian right.
But I just about split a gut over a simple image of a serene, loving/blessing typically portrayed looking Jesus image on a red cup with the printed message: “Verily, They’re just coffee cups, Guys!”
Oh, my gosh, “It’s just a coffee cup” if only Michael Cervantes were writing today! Forget Don Quixote–What a fearful, fascinating, foolish knight Donald Trump, and his whole gang, would make—without the slightest brush with fiction.

Happy Trails!


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