caption: If a hedge is planted too close or not maintained properly, before long it impedes easy sidewalk traffic. photo by Owen Takefman

The Royston Seaside Trail (Marine Drive) is about to receive $16,348 in federal funds to create an accessible picnic area containing 2 accessible tables, a user friendly surface and an easy access trail from the parking lot. Thanks Canada!
Effective January 1st this year, cash fares on local transit have increased by 25 cents and the 10 ticket package has increased by $2.25. There has been no increase for monthly passes.

While tinted vehicle windows may look pretty cool, they are illegal under the Motor Vehicle Act.   They restrict vision at night and in the rain as well as prevent eye contact with others on the road. They are seen as a hazard that can result in a fine of $109 as well as an order to remove the film.  Failing to do so can lead to an expensive tow and inspection as well as an additional fine of $575.   Aside from being seen as negligence in the event of an accident, they prevent rescuers from being effective since they do not allow the glass to shatter into little pieces.

Out of habit, many people move close to the centre line when turning left at a crosswalk in order to be courteous for others to pass on the right.  This action leads to a dangerous situation since vehicles passing on the right cannot see all of the crosswalk and risk hitting pedestrians in that crosswalk.   Doing so is also illegal and can result in a hefty fine as well as cause a terrible tragedy.

Last December saw the opening of K’omoks First Nations new band office down on Comox Avenue by the sea.   The building is a beautiful piece of work and there is a new traffic light and crosswalk out front that makes for much safer gatherings throughout the year.  Congratulations K’omoks First Nations!  Jim Murdoch is a community support worker for Future Focus in the Comox Valley  email