For best results, read holistically, as if every sign pertained to some aspect of yourself.

October Forecast

These are strange times. Whilst our fascinated attention is riveted to images of horror and wonder behind the scenes, we absently wear our sensitive inner skins on the outside, raw nerves and vulnerable secrets exposed to others, but most horrifyingly, to ourselves. Things we hid from the light are crystal clear to our sight, and rather than be discomfited, we leap to our old habit of blaming our reflections. We are skittish, defensive yet socially needy. We gather together in bickering cliques to gossip about other equally fragmented groups, all jockeying to find a position of some control before the churning chaos of true existence swallows our personal identities.

Extreme, yes, but in the centre shines our integrity and love of truth, insistence upon fairness and harmony, and our magical way with words to open hearts and minds. Therein lies salvation, that we admit to and own our secrets, in song and poems, in story and saga, and most deeply in the dialogue of our dreams.

Aries: You have the floor to speak truth to power, but your voice is slow and weak and all you can think of are details. Don’t worry; it’s not your time. Speak truly and practice patience.

Taurus: You are awakening to a new kind of light. The big picture is taking shape, you can touch it, you are it. You are in the seat of power once you find balance with all.

Gemini: You are busier than ever with details that are crucial yet insignificant. It happens without you, leaving you free to dream of love and truth, to share with your beloveds.

Cancer: You feel safe to reveal yourself vulnerably to others. At home, you shine like a gem, blessing and teaching your intimates, harmonizing and balancing effortlessly.

Leo: You are probing the deeper levels of your creativity, right down below the ground, feeling the darkness within the light and vibrating that until it too becomes light.

Virgo: You have a true friend, one who listens with a critical ear yet accepts you for yourself. This could be true love, but there are obstacles in the way. Make the best of what is.

Libra: You accept your death, the fact of its existence, while making gold from each living moment. It is not fair, mortality, but know that your true self lives forever.

Scorpio: You are luminous. Light in the depths, refractive crystals in deep caverns sweeping coruscating rainbows through your formerly dark emotions. Breathe, remember.

Sagittarius: Dreams have invaded your waking life, making confusion of your certainties. You focus on work, connecting the dots of tasks, finding meaning in the mundane.

Capricorn: A new light splits your sky, revealing the face of your most ancient foe, the nemesis in your mirror. You’re too busy to face it now, but it will be there when you are ready.

Aquarius: You remember this cavern, these walls, you have been here before. Child slaves in distant countries cry while you work to free them. Cry your own tears, crack open.

Pisces: You swim in need now, your mind full of questions, memories flowing while vast unity embracing you. Listen to the voices of your dreams, they are the voice of God.

Professional astrologer Bee Wolf-Ray lives on Hornby Island and wishes you to know that horoscopes are not the same as astrology (though astrology is used to create them).