Wellness Workshop: Five Steps to Balance Body, Mind and Spirit – Are your body, mind and spirit good team-mates, or your biggest foes for living the life of your dreams?
Hosted by Heart Drum Beat Yoga and Healing Services on Saturday, May 2nd from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. The House of Now – 536 Fifth Street, Courtenay

This enlightening workshop focuses on balancing the three domains of your being to awaken your full potential. During this workshop you will be guided to activate your innate knowing as well as the natural healing powers that reside within. Anyone interested in attending can register for a FREE ticket online or by phone. Gentle forms of body movement and meditation performed in this workshop are suitable for all body types and conditions.

During the workshop participants will:
Explore the 3 principles that govern energy and experience them as tools that benefit your life in practical ways: physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Learn about human physiology and brain structure in holistic health terms while opening your potential to heal, balance and create the life of your choice.
Sample our 5 step system that effectively provides a time proven map to self realization and achieving the life of your dreams.
According to lead trainer Arrow Gonsalves: “Effectively transforming your deepest goals into reality requires your 3 bodies: mind-body-spirit and the 3 basic layers of your brain harmonizing and working well together in an integrated flow. When balanced and harmonized your physical body is strong and healthy, filled with vitality. Emotionally, the deeper passions and goals of your “true self” have the power to over-ride distractions and short term desires. Your spirit is clear, peaceful, productive, and creatively optimistic. ”

You can register for your free ticket online at: http://heartdrumbeat.com/five-steps-to-balance-your-body-mind-and-spirit or phone: 250.800.0505