Grand finale: Hyde shine, 49 human Quevedo Vikings

Beijing on September 15, Minnesota Vikings guest this season is about to host the 50th Super Bowl Levi’s San Francisco 49ers stadium challenge. This is also the last game of the season the first round. The game is a matchup between two teams of 28, my expectation Hyde win Peterson, helped 49 people to 20: 3 force establish conditions under which the Vikings, won the season’s first win.

Section competition began, 49 were the first to attack. Slowly and surely they quickly gained a shooting opportunity 28 yards. But the ball was just flying out of a “white shadow” suddenly flashed (Vikings dressed in a white shirt), 49 people blocked a shot! Viking center Nelson (K. Nelson) to pick up the ball from falling back to the attack of 49 to 16 yards side, because fouls Viking attack began the first round of the game cheap nfl jerseys from china the 26 yards. But quarterback Bridgewater (Bridgewater) did not throw the ball to star running back Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson), but his attempted pass three times, all failed. The Vikings also shot 44 yards wide. The score is still 0: 0.49 people soon cross the ball right across the back, the Vikings were forced to punt, but this time 49 special teams mistakes, return man did not hold on the ball, the ball out mistakes Vikings fortunate to rely on advanced punt 40 yards. But the Vikings reciprocity, 4-speed three yards unsuccessful storm, also a mistake. Mistakes again and again at the end of Section 49 of possessions. No one can break the deadlock in the first quarter.

Most of the time the second game can use four words to describe & mdash; & mdash; inadequate. Yellow flag is flying on the field, the two sides failed to effectively promote the law to the other half. At the end of the second game of the rows, 49 people finally play smooth offensive, when there is less than 1 minute second game, with running back Carlos – Hyde (Carlos Hyde) spiritual turn, succeeded in breaking the field deadlock. Home game 49 to 7 in the first half of the game: 0 lead.

First half, the Vikings quarterback Bridgewater 15 pass 9, the gain 94 yards, high-profile star running back Peterson scored just four times the ball 14 yards. 49 aspect, Capella Nick scored 14 Crossing 9 78 yards, wholesale jerseys running back Hyde ball 12, the contribution of 83 yards and a red ball touchdowns.

Half of the game began, the Vikings a marked increase in the frequency of use Peterson, but the effect is still poor. 49 but rather will be worse opened by a shot to 10 minutes. 49 10: 0 lead. At the end of the third wave of attacks, the Bridgewater seems to have found the feeling, 5, 5 pass, 23 yards in 49 people at the end of the third quarter.

But the fourth quarter was served, Bridgewater serially passaged lost two goals, the Vikings will bite the score with a shot. 49 10: 3 leading Vikings. The ball right back after 49 people here, Hyde continued his brilliant play in this field. 1st 10 yards at the Vikings 17 yards, his teammates helped Hyde opened up a broad road, Hyde easily won the second touchdown of the field. Round attack a person he contributed 42 yards. Cornered Vikings urgent need for a touchdown to keep the suspense of the game. But Bridgewater play first pass was steals. 49 people without mercy, with play to pull the score to 17 points. 49 20: 3 lead. Possessions Vikings did not retreat, four-speed 8 yards Bridgewater captured and killed, completely ruined the game. The final 49 people with excellent defense force Quevedo Vikings harvest season’s first win.

Data, Capet Nick 26 pass 17 to get 165 yards, running back Hyde broke out, take the ball 26 times 168 yards, 2 touchdowns rushing, and 2 catches for 14 yards to get. In contrast Viking aspect, Bridgewater 32 pass 23 to get 231 yards, but will send the steals. Star running back Peterson poor performance, won only 10 times the ball 31 yards.