Down-to-Earth Astrology
by Bee Wolf Ray

Humans are complex and cannot be reduced to twelve separate categories. For best results, read this column holistically, as if every sign pertained to some aspect of yourself (as it does).

May Forecast

The collective mood remains cautiously optimistic. The signs of breakdown are becoming more ubiquitous, less deniable. Wildfires out of control up North—in April? The stuff on television grows ever more extreme, American politics more ridiculous, the war machine more rapacious, the predominant ethos more regressive. All these things are happening, true. Yet the spirit is undeniably growing and evolving. People are becoming more loving. And the grass is springy and green underfoot, the soft scented Earth feels more beautiful and welcoming than ever. Yet, every moment of every day, species die out, vast machines chew and swallow the jungles, forces beyond human comprehension are at work destroying delicate balances. This is all very worrying, and everybody is feeling it. Both Mercury and Mars are retrograde now, and we are slow and introspective.

Still, we make music, we plant gardens, we bear and nurture children, we strive to improve our lives as they appear in front of us. This is the right, the only thing to do. Change starts at the root and propagates outward from the individual heart. We teach with our actions. Collectively, we are working on trust now. Trust others, and they will strive to be worthy of that trust. Persevere.

Aries: It takes a lot of effort, but momentum is building, and the change is happening inside and around you. Creative spirit is pouring through you in a more grounded way than before; you are coming alive again.

Taurus: You are so focused on what needs to happen; you have little patience for abstractions now. A deep dread disturbs your dreams, but the garden, your work, your senses occupy your attention.

Gemini: Mercury Rx affects you more than others; question your assumptions and interpretations now. It’s easy to project, and you are perceiving through an emotional filter. Your heart is full!

Cancer: Your emotions are sharp and clear, but everything else is murky now. You love this world and its amazing inhabitants, but individuals and their agendas are confusing. Your memories are multi-layered.

Leo: Anger is an issue this month; go for long walks and make noise. This is an initiation time, something new is beginning, but you still have to work on ongoing projects. Move your body, energy is flowing.

Virgo: There’s so much to do, there’s no time to worry. The garden needs work, and the natural world is offering its abundance of beauty and comfort. Everything is wonderful, a perfect break from stress.

Libra: You may be overthinking this. Your mind won’t seem to stop, and decisions are even more difficult than usual. Drop your thoughts, focus on your senses, that is your point of power now. Breathe!

Scorpio: Your emotions are closer to the surface than usual. Have a good cry or two, it’s all right to show your sensitivity. Stop trying to avoid that background sense of doom, just feel it. It won’t kill you.

Sagittarius: It’s fun to be you! Things work out, the wind fills your sails just right. Don’t feel guilty about being so blessed, just be you. Others aren’t so lucky, so cut them some slack; be kind.

Capricorn: Things are working out well for you. Less long range planning, more spontaneous response to situations in the moment, that’s the ticket. Keep your feet on the ground, move forward.

Aquarius: Your consciousness has expanded. You notice more than you ever did, including along the emotional spectrum. Opening your heart will help you to help others, and they will help you back.

Pisces: It seems like you are cycling over and over through the same patterns you’ve been stuck in from the beginning, but you are just revisiting the past from a more evolved perspective.

Astrologer Bee Wolf-Ray lives on Hornby Island and reminds you that horoscopes columns are for fun. She is available for real readings via Skype or in person. Call 1-250-703-1480.