Down-to-Earth Astrology
Sh-boom, sh-boom, life can be a dream… this month, we collectively breath a sigh of relief, blessed release from cares, as summer magic transforms the mundane into the miraculous. Relieved from routine, we are free to dream the world we seek, to transform ourselves, to shapeshift into the change we want to see in the world. Things look brighter in the light of the sun, but it’s more than just normal summer bliss. There truly is a magic in the air and a collective upliftment that is stronger in contrast with the recent bleakness of outlook.

Not that everything is sunshine and roses (it’s always a mixed bag), but for now, the terror has retreated into the shadows, and the problems are hiding in plain sight, masquerading as ‘normal’. It is possible to become accustomes to any stress, and  forecasts of doom can’t always be triggering our alarms. We do require periods of upliftment, and this summer we have a good one, full of love, light, creative spark and sweet songs. Collectively, we are working together for the common good like never before, and even the dark merely complements the light.


Comox Valley July Forecast

Aries: The dream is strong in you, and the spark of your new ideas comes straight from the source of love. Your inspirations are pure and clean, let yourself surrender, but also, be careful..
Taurus: You know the picture is not perfect, and you are grounded enough to manage it. The ills of ‘reality’ have not gone anywhere; don’t tell anyone, they won’t listen, at least, not yet.

Gemini:  You feel washed clean, reborn, free from the struggles of the recent past. Yet dreaminess annoys you, you prefer crystal clear thoughts and ideas, why are others so superstitious?

Cancer: Life is good, friends and family, playtime and children surround you, you are giving in the ways that you so love to give. The nagging feeling hasn’t gone away, but whatever.
Leo: You are having fun! You thrive in the sunshine, playtime is your time. It brings tears, sometimes, how good you really feel, stimulated, turned on, if anything, a bit overconfident.

Virgo: You feel good, but slightly out of centre, a bit lost. You feel intensely passionate about giving service to the dream of a better world, yet unsure of your true self, seeking reassurance..

Libra: You are moving in the right direction, but obstacles still exist. If only others would be a little less wrong, or would listen to you more, but it’s okay, you love them anyway.
Scorpio:  There is no escape into a dream for you, but you disdain escape, so it’s okay. You’d rather be privy to the secret of what is really going on, than to be deluded otherwise.
Sagittarius:  You are very sure of yourself, guided by the light of truth and inspired by a real emotional presence that motivates you to create beauty. Cautions to be careful will be ignored.

Capricorn: You are willing to give the appearance of optimism, and actually feel pretty good, but secretly, you know better. The fan is still flinging feces, but let the people have their party.

Aquarius: You feel more urgent than ever, it’s time for revolution! But you see the mistakes of the past, and don’t want to repeat them. Stalemate! Where is the love? Look within.

Pisces: You see what others do not, who cares if it’s ‘real’, when real itself is meaningless to you? The dreamworld is crystalline and beautiful, and all the world is a dream. What more is needed?
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