For best results, read this column holistically, as if every sign pertained to some aspect of yourself.

June Forecast

The darker the situation in our world appears, the more motivated and inspired we feel to do something about it. Our glasses are definitely not rose coloured; rather, they are a grim shade of gray. There seems no escape from the hole into which we have dug ourselves. We feel this as a motivator rather than a depressant, though. Visions of alternative possibilities have never been richer or more numerous. We are determined to do something even if our every action seems to be thwarted by powers greater than our little selves. We are coming together with grit and perseverance, and having a lot of fun doing the small tedious task that add up to one great hoped for change.

Our hearts are alive and open, we remember the simple ways of the past and we are telling stories and teaching youngsters the ways that worked for our forebears, while embracing what works about the modern world. It is a fine balance we are maintaining now.

Aries: You feel responsible all by yourself for changing the world. This may be daunting for some, but not for you. The fire in your belly burns bright and fuels the determination that keeps you going.

Taurus: Your ground is rich and ripe for change now. You walk in dreams as well as in the real, and though you have little shrift for ‘woo woo’, you perceive practical uses for creativity and imagination.

Gemini: You are thinking with your heart and perceiving light in the daily round of tasks that once bored you. Your resources are abundant if ethereal; the dream world is intruding into your waking life.

Cancer: There is an edge to your sensitivity now. You are afire with a rage to protect your loved ones from the heartlessness of popular culture. You have allies! Group connections are the key.

Leo: Your feet are on the ground, which is rich, black and fertile with the seeds of new life. The simple acts of planting and protecting excite you now, especially when you share them with others.

Virgo: Sunlight feels like love on your skin as you move through your day smiling. Your mind is blessedly free of stress and opportunity offers new openings for you now. You are rewarded tenfold.

Libra: Your heart hurts with tenderness; you feel protective and responsible for the injustices of the world. You are inspired to communicate, to write out your ideas to share with others. Genius.

Scorpio: You are visible, your power laid bare. Light in your darkness makes you want to help the world to heal. You are tough and strong, yet tender too. You see your own responsibility and it is okay.

Sagittarius: You see meaning in the small details which once escaped you. The big picture contains many tiny pictures, and these fascinate you now. Life is a dream, you are walking on fog.

Capricorn: The sort of smile you once thought foolish lights your face as you sleep. Love is showing you the way, and with the dark side more obvious than ever, you feel compassion for it as well.

Aquarius: The sleepers suddenly wake, and you are the trigger for their awakening. Darkness reveals its content, the world underground full of shining treasure. You have a choice now, take your time.

Pisces: You perceive through a misty veil, and only the ground is solid. You know yourself too well. Illusions dissolve to reform in new shifting patterns; nothing is real, except for dreams, which have solidified.

Astrologer Bee Wolf-Ray lives on Hornby Island and reminds you that horoscopes columns are for fun. She is available for real readings via Skype or in person. Call 1-250-703-1480.