The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) board of directors has adopted the 2015 budget that includes a total consolidated budget of $79 million (a net operating budget for the year of $54.3 million).

The consolidated budget includes three funds: general, water and sewer. The 2015 budget reflects major projects underway in various services in all of the funds. The table below highlights some of the activities:

Project Details

Budget Amount

General Fund

Phase one of the existing landfill closure activities at the Comox Valley waste management centre

$8.1 million

New engineered landfill activities at the Comox Valley waste management centre


Fire tanker truck replacements in three electoral area fire protection services


Comox Valley curling centre improvements

$1.9 million

South sewer project: electoral area Community Works Funds for treatment plant and collection system to address failing septic systems in the core areas of Union Bay and Royston, and wastewater treatment issues in Cumberland

Ongoing community outreach, business case development, environmental assessment and project planning for the south sewer project


Water Fund

Regional water supply treatment options analysis and engineering design

$1.0 million

Black Creek/Oyster Bay UV project and Kelland Road reservoir

$1.1 million

Sewer Fund

Compost facility expansion

$1.3 million

Sewer infrastructure projects include dewatering upgrades at treatment plant, Comox #2 pump station and forcemain, Greenwood trunk and HMCS Quadra forcemain replacement

$2.0 million


These are in addition to the regular services provided by the CVRD that include land use planning, fire protection, electoral areas parks and greenways, building inspection, drinking water treatment and supply, operation of the landfills in the Comox Valley and Campbell River, and recreation facilities.

The 2015 strategic priorities can be found at:

The 2015 financial plan expenditures can be summarized:

General operations budget

$ 42.4 million

Member municipal debt transfers

2.9 million

Annual debt charges

5.7 million

Reserve contributions

3.3 million

Net operating budget

54.3 million

Capital budget

24.7 million

Total CVRD consolidated 2014 budget

$ 79.0 million

The 2015 financial plan expenditures are summarized:


The 2015 financial plan revenue sources are summarized:

The following table shows the approximate levy based on a residential property assessed at $300,000 in each area. These do not include tax levies for services provided to a portion of an electoral area such as a fire protection service in a designated service area.


2014 Levy

2015 Levy

Area ‘A’ Baynes Sound



Area ‘A’ Denman/Hornby Islands



Area ‘B’ Lazo North



Area ‘C’ Puntledge – Black Creek



Comox (excluding sewer)



Courtenay (excluding sewer)






For more information on taxation (requisition) by jurisdiction or a particular service budget go to, and click on “finance” and then “adopted financial plan”.

The Comox Valley Regional District is a federation of three electoral areas and three municipalities providing sustainable services for residents and visitors to the area. The members of the regional district work collaboratively on services for the benefit of the diverse urban and rural areas of the Comox Valley.

Media contact:

Wendy Byrne

Manager of financial planning

Tel: 250-334-6078