Walking out of the coal mine on Saturday into the wonderful sunshine we began to head to Tarbell’s for a sandwich when we witnessed what we thought was a movie shoot. The lady in the museum came running out to let us know we had missed viewing part of the display as some doors were locked and she invited us to return. We said we would later. What we then began to view with earnst as we walked down the street was a yellow coated RCMP officer holding onto the handlebar of a kids bike in front of the bike shop. There were 3 other people on bikes there as well. The officer began to drag the bike into the street and the kid with him as he was hanging onto his red bike. We did not know it at the time, but the kid was stopped because he had no helmet on. And then he refused to give his name to the cop. The resistance ended up with both of them in the middle of the main street of Cumberland; the cop kept trying to get his handcuffs off his back belt and hanging on the the kid at the same time he finally gave up and just SAT down on the 14 year old boy who was saying things like:
I DID NOT DO ANYTHING. GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME. THAT HURTS. A woman came up to them and tried to calm down the boy, and another woman came up to the cop and told him he was abusive. Someone pulled the bike off the street and they young boy THANKED THEM for taking care of his bike. Then 6 RCMP vehicles arrived to help subdue the boy.

Personally I think that the boy probably had come across this statement in the WASHINGTON POST :Fatal police shootings in 2015 approaching 400 nationwide. And was so fearful of becoming one of those statistics that he just wanted to get away from someone packing a killing machine. My friend Alberta wrote the following about her observations of the event: found ctv cell footage
of cop and kid, pretty much what I saw, hairdresser yelling at cop has been charged with obstructing the officer…
it was a disturbing event but not a case of “cops beating up kid”…the story we witnessed had many threads…
first there was the boy…what in his life caused him to choose running and resisting…even when he was held down by the cop he was still thrashing around…how did he come to be so tough?
the cop I thought was not abusive but going firmly by the book, he was not letting that boy go…why?
the boy and the cop were both clearly out of their depth, he knew it because he had the book to fall back on, but the boy didn’t
..Impressive were the women who protested …unrelenting, unafraid of chastising a cop!
the other bystanders taking pictures, maybe reacting out of a feeling of solidarity with the boy…
or some making over simplistic comments about the boy’s attitude of disrespect,
and now this report….definitely missing the truth…
but it was a crossing of lives at the literal crossroads!
spooky little town, still black from coal, hasn’t quite caught up with it’s glossy magazine image,
Maybe underneath its roller-coaster roads , live old families still in pain, creating more pain in their children…
a familial result common to us all

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