Arts and Culture enhance every part of our lives, benefiting us socially, educationally, and economically. Comox Valley Arts, your Community Arts Council, estimates approximately 5,000 creative workers reside in the Comox Valley. Our region is rich with events and opportunities for engaging and broadening our personal creativity: festivals with thousands of attendees; theatre, museums and galleries; poetry nights; dances; choirs; maker labs; circuses; classes, workshops and more. There is no denying that Arts and Culture are significant contributors towards our quality of life, tourism, and a key economic driver both locally, and across the Province.

The ArtsVoteBC website states that culture and technology industries combined earns more than the manufacturing, mining and agriculture/fishing/forestry industries in British Columbia. In 2016, cultural activities contributed $7.2 billion to BC’s economy – yet Arts and Culture are still often viewed as a “fringe”. In the lead up to the municipal elections, the Arts Council has embarked on the #CreativityCounts Advocacy Campaign.

Dallas Stevenson, Executive Director of Comox Valley Arts, sees the value of the arts first hand. “The arts make our communities thrive. From economic development to cognitive development in kids, the arts play a key role. Arts council’s ensure that communities have an active team of people making the arts a priority. Projects like #creativitycounts helps CVA bring your voice along with cultural stakeholders to the forefront with local, provincial and federal governments and funding bodies. The Arts in all aspects are critical and they need to be recognized and funded.”

The goals of the advocacy campaign are two-fold: to demonstrate the value that residents place on Arts and Culture, and to learn where candidates stand on issues related to the arts.

The Council has issued an Arts Advocacy Statement, which can be found at

“There is an abundance of research backing the case for Arts and Culture, which we have used as a basis for the statement. We are reaching out to the public, inviting you to visit the site and review the five points. If you agree, add your name in support of the arts sector,” shares Anna Rambow, President of Comox Valley Arts. “We are proud of the vast array of creators here in the Valley, and all the people who administrate, curate, encourage and support them.”

Candidates in the Municipal Elections were issued a short survey on their position on Arts and Culture. Their responses can be found at

Learn more by searching ‘Sign on to Support Arts and Culture’ on Facebook.

Comox Valley Arts supports, promotes and celebrates our vibrant, inclusive arts community. We facilitate, activate and advocate on behalf of Arts and Culture in our community.