Inexpensive, easy to install Comox Valley designed Solar Super Saver reduces hot water cost to less than a dollar a month!
Three years ago Courtenay resident Stewart McIntosh, struggling to find a project to absorb the excess thinking capacity generated by a traumatic brain injury, designed and built a Solar Super Saver hot water system so efficient it dropped his energy use for his home’s hot water needs down to $0.75 for a month. Stewart’s solar heated hot water system is inexpensive –less than $1,000 for materials-is made of durable, safe, easy to install–three days!, simple to maintain, readily/locally available materials and for eight months a year generates enough hot water for normal living needs like showering, dishwasher and laundry.
The system saves energy and money as well as reducing the pollution involved in generating and transporting gas and electricity — at 75 cents of energy used to run a house’s hot water system for a whole month it is very good for the pocket book. Stewart’s Solar Super Saver can be built and installed without any need for special tools or equipment for under $1,000. Savings on generating household hot water with the SSS have paid for the entire cost of installation in six years. The materials used are rated for 30 years (+), and the system is operational for about 8.5 months of the year, from the 3rd week of March, to the 2nd week of November!
Stewart started keeping a SSS logbook year to measure just how efficient the system is, and is documenting the significantly reduced Fortis gas bill(s) to demonstrate how well it all works. As a justifiably proud inventor/designer Stewart is delighted to be able to demonstrate ”just how powerful the Sun really is, even at this latitude.”
The system has handled everything Mother Nature could throw at it weather and wind wise, and has operated since October 2012 without any problems.

Stewart can be reached at 250-338-1054 and would like to invite anyone interested to arrange a time to see his solar hot water system functioning at his Courtenay home. He ardently believes that his SSS has the potential to help many, families, businesses, and even the Government reduce their carbon footprints, by making the mighty Sun an ally in everyday living circumstances, at a very affordable cost, and with very accessible, locally available materials.