Thursday, November 26, 7pm at Creekside Commons Common House in Courtenay I am facilitating a Comox Valley NDP sponsored discussion on sustainability. The emphasis is on conversation. I have a short presentation but it is only by way of lubricating the discussion. The presentation focuses on Sustainability as simply the way it should be. We should be working to build a world that is just, sustaining and sustainable. In the pit of our being we all know that this whole idea of infinite growth of everything–this rabid dash to consume the very Earth that supports our own as well as all other life—is just plain insane. It is almost incomprehensible that we talk of caring for our Earth and ourselves as some new and difficult grasp idea. Thursday we will set aside the infinite growth on a finite planet absurdity and talk together about how we as a community, a province, country can regain our focus on sustaining ourselves and our Earth and how we can make it clear that we will have nothing less.

Norm Reynolds