Before renewing, Banic took the number of picked codes and 9 times in the 2015 season, but he completed 55 battles in the last season. Just achieved 612 yards 2 times. Of course, Brown’s four-defense positions have to account for a certain reason, but the coach-Jackson indicates that the close-end position needs to be upgraded at March.

New contract completed the forefrillant Olsen not participating in training

The Training Camp of the Carolina Black Leopard is about to begin, but their report list is likely to lack of near-end-ended Greg Olsen.

“Yes, I am very excited,” Mario Tag said. “You can play with these people. They have to come to the team and start training right away. But I think we have a group of outstanding older, they will help these young people, hope they can have a positive impact on us. “

For young players who are seriously injured in his career, it is difficult to ignore important nodes in the recovery process. This is especially true for players like Mario Tag, because the success part of the Titan offensive group depends on his legs.

In the League of Nations almost loser of the Chicago Bears against the San Francisco 49ers. After the start of the game the Bears offensive team first entered the state, their heads were two waves of attack by kick a field goal. But in the third wave of the offensive quarterback Jay – Cutler (Jay Cutler) passing security guard Jimmy is 49 – Ward (Jimmie Ward) steals back touchdowns. But the Bears in the next attack also received touchdowns, all except 1 passes are handed over to the offensive running back Matt – Forte (Matt Forte) to complete, and he eventually won five yards rushing touchdowns . At this time, 49 people have demonstrated the offensive group, after the transfer run in conjunction with the Bears advanced to the 1 yard line, running back Shaun – Village En (Shaun Draughn) complete one yards rushing touchdowns. The two teams 13-13 draw into the second half. In the third quarter both nothing, Bears initiated in the fourth quarter more than half of the harvest offensive performance, running back Kadi Mu – Cary (Ka & # 39; Deem Carey) completed four yards rushing touchdowns. But then ushered quarterback Bryn 49 – Jia Bote (Blaine Gabbert) highlight moment, Cheap Jerseys he finished 44 yards rushing touchdowns to help the team tie the game. The Bears had a chance to end the game, but they did not expect to face the 36 yards free kick was fired into the no. In this game into overtime. Extra time after the two sides failed to score the first wave of attack, Jia Bote directly pass found wide receiver Torre when 49 people began the second wave of attack – Smith (Torrey Smith) to complete the 71 yards touchdown. 49 people 26-20 victory over the Bears.

This is the most clear statement that the Pony High-level is progressing for Rac recovery. Tuk did not fully participate in training throughout the training camp, and the team has been strictly confidential. Chuck Pagano only said that he had not seen the ball of Lak, he insisted on his own business.

“I feel great,” Mario Tit said on Thursday. “Overall, we are in a very good situation. I may have to run all right one or two weeks, but I started to do some jogging training and carrying more training by myself. This is a positive progress. They feel My progress is more than the schedule. For me, I will continue to observe every day and try to prepare. “

Between the Giants and the Jets four years of the regular season and cheap nfl jerseys from china the arrival of a New York City Derby. At the beginning of the game the Giants offensive group in poor condition, although the Jets offensive group did not go well, but they rely on a free kick shot head start. Giants team to a second recovery state, first the beginning of the second Giants punt return hand Dwyane – Harris (Dwayne Harris) to complete 80 yards punt return touchdowns. Later, the Giants took advantage of the opportunity to attack the Jets began to attack the ball away from the red zone and the Jets by a final field goal kick. Jets quickly fired back, quarterback Ryan – Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) pass found running back white pull – Powell (Bilal Powell) made 25 yards touchdown. But the Giants the lead again in the next wave of attack, quarterback Eli – Manning (Eli Manning) pass short pass found wide receiver Odell – David Beckham (Odell Beckham), which is running all the way into the end zone 72 is completed yard touchdown. Giants again before halftime through a free kick a field goal, to rewrite the score 20-10. After the third quarter the two sides deadlocked, the game turning point came in the fourth quarter. In the case of the Giants scored the Jets facing fourth gear red zone two yards, the Giants did not choose to play but chose storm, the result of Manning’s passes were steals Jets players. Escaped jet morale, they first kick by three points, after a successful attack preventing the Giants, they left the score in the game by the Fitzpatrick touchdown pass when less than 30 seconds . Into overtime, the Jets first attack and complete free kick field goal, must obtain at least kick a field goal giant also advanced to range free kick, but none missed the entire season kick kicker Josh – Brown (Josh Brown) face 48 yards shot but missed, the game is over. Jets 23-20 reverse against the Giants.