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Michael is an ecologist and lives in Wageningen in the Netherlands. For more than 30 years, he has been researching and writing on health, food security and justice in situations of social and environmental change. He has lived and worked in Benin, Rwanda, India, Philippines and Britain. A native of Montreal, he keeps a canoe in his garden.

Resisting the Heat

 I was on the Island this August. The haze that dimmed noon to dusk and that drove Air Quality off scale – the worst on the planet for a time – was a shock, as it must have been for many. I have been working on and around...

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Emerging into Lyme

Emerging into Lyme Lyme disease is now the most common vector-borne disease in Canada and the USA. Caused by the bacterium Borellia burgdorferi and transmitted by the bite of an Ixodes tick, Lyme disease is increasing rapidly in...

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Inclusive liberation

Inclusive Liberation May 5 is Bevrijdingsdag – Liberation Day – in the Netherlands. The festivities are concentrated here in Wageningen because this is where the Canadian General Charles Foulkes took the German army’s surrender...

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Colonialism: over there or underfoot

It’s not a word the Dutch have much trouble with. “Yes, of course we had colonies and got rich from them.” Most would likely be able to say this without a shudder. Many live in fine houses, some more than a century old, built...

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Political Cultures

by Michael Loevinsohn That’s 130 degrees east of Cumberland, and many meters lower. That’s where I’m writing from: a town called Wageningen in the middle of the Netherlands on one of the branches of the Rhine. A university town,...

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Upcoming Events

11:00 pm Online Raffle for Kus-kus-sum @ Project Watershed
Online Raffle for Kus-kus-sum @ Project Watershed
Nov 16 @ 11:00 pm – Nov 28 @ 3:30 pm
Visit the raffle site at for more information and to purchase tickets. All funds raised by the 50/50 raffle will go directly towards the restoration of the site! Tickets for the 50/50 are $5[...]
3:00 pm Weird Church in the Woods @ No# 6 Mine Park
Weird Church in the Woods @ No# 6 Mine Park
Nov 21 @ 3:00 pm – Nov 28 @ 4:15 pm
A walking meditation starting from No. 6 Mine Park and entering into the forest – using our senses we will let our minds open to all the ways the Divine might lead us towards and[...]
2:00 pm Virtual Studio Tour & Arts Showcase
Virtual Studio Tour & Arts Showcase
Nov 25 @ 2:00 pm – Nov 29 @ 8:00 pm
Join us for a zoom extravaganza – a safe, fun way to meet with artists, view their studios & work, learn about their process, catch some unique presentations & performances, and cue up your holiday[...]


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