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“Oroville”: A Relevant Measure of Current Environmental Paralysis

On the West Coast, what happens in California is a reliable foreshadowing of things to come at home. Geologically, the 1000km Cascadian Subduction zone and the terrains associated with it link us to Northern California, whose flora and fauna extends well north of the 49th parallel. Most of BC’s residents live in the southern edge which is a climatic extension of the Sonoran desert and Northern Californian ecosystems. Every year, the weather systems that first show up in California make themselves felt along southern BC’s coast. When California suffers an extreme drought, BC may not experience the same duration, but it too experiences at least prolonged droughts of three months or more, as we did over the past years. The general consensus is that Canadian weather is shifting to extremes. (1) Over the past decade BC has experienced with unprecedented frequency “pineapple expresses”, high winter temperatures and high southern winds that come with record precipitation, which are atmospheric rivers.(2) Just how much California’s predicament is similar to ours has been brought home by a report prepared by the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium for Metro Vancouver (Climate Projections for Metro Vancouver.)(3) Based on the “business-as-usual” scenario, which is very likely given the inability of various levels of government to take meaningful action, projections indicate that the Lower Mainland is on track to have weather similar to San Diego’s current weather...

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Food Not Bombs

Every Sunday- St. George’s Church, Courtenay, 2 pm to 4 pm by Danny Zanbilowicz Food Not Bombs was founded in 1980 in Cambridge, Massachusetts by anti-nuclear activists. Members have provided free good food over the years at many antiglobalization, anti-poverty, and anti-war events including Occupy Wall Street. It is a loose network of hundreds of chapters around the world. Ernie Yacub has been involved locally with FNB from the beginning. He says- “It started here about ten years ago, outdoors in front of the court house for a couple of years, in the basement of St. George’s Church for...

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From Mowing to Growing

Urban Agriculture Catching On By Danny Zanbilowicz James McKerricher and his partner have transformed their corner lot in the City of Courtenay into a dense productive garden. “This is my first time owning a home, just over a year,” he says. “Before I worked seasonally and travelled, lived in temporary places.” The point is to feed themselves, perhaps provide income, and the fun of it. James says- “It’s all I think about, and want to do, in the greenhouse or in the rain.” With a relatively small area, the task is to maximize the usefulness of space: “My girlfriend...

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Saving the House

  by Danny Zanbilowicz Members of the Mack Laing Heritage Society, and their many supporters in the community believe it is essential to preserve at least one of Mack Laing’s homes on the Comox estuary as a nature interpretation centre, as was his wish. Before, there were two. Now the only one left is Shakesides. The Town of Comox, and its supporters, are eager to demolish Shakesides and replace it with a viewing platform and/or pavilion.What’s all the fuss?  HistoryThis is a tale of two adjacent properties on the shoreline of the Comox estuary, just down the road from another...

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Upcoming Events

6:00 pm Salt Spring Wild Cider Masterclass
Salt Spring Wild Cider Masterclass
Apr 24 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Join us in kicking off BC Cider Week in a big way! Gerda will share Salt Spring Wild Cider’s amazing story of their fully organic cidery and techniques they use to honour the history of[...]
9:00 am Comox Valley Farmers’ Market
Comox Valley Farmers’ Market
Apr 28 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Each Saturday features a delicious recipe from the North Island Chefs Association – and of course all of the wonderful local producers of vegetables, meats, baking, preserves, fish and more! See you at the Native[...]
2:00 pm Presentation: African Grandmothe...
Presentation: African Grandmothe...
Apr 29 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Join the Glacier Grannies at d’Esterre Seniors’ Centre for an illustrated presentation fromElizabeth Sebesta about the African Grandmothers’ Gathering in Tanzania.$10 tickets include beverages and baked goodies.  Also – try a date with a mystery[...]


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