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Join in on the discussion Submit your opinions, articles and letters to the editor to this site and they will be featured in the your word section of the website! A place for No holds-barred opinions and comments on issues big or small. Get it off your chest- better than therapy. Vancouver Island’s lively discussion blog. Also, the place to go for news on what’s happening, right now! Add your WORD...

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Island Word Is expanding

In our 13th year, we are expanding … increasing distribution from Campbell River to Parksville, with more to come in the near future. The first change you will see is in the newspaper, offering great new sections  for all of our readers and advertisers. These new sections will roll out over the next couple of months. We are also working on a brand-new interactive website NOW LIVE! (but still a work in progress) designed to let the reader become a contributor, We want to give our readers a voice!   Arts & Culture Highlighting events, shows and news in...

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Why is blogging important for small business?

By sharing information and  professional advice on your blog posts, you will position yourself as an expert in your field. In addition, blogging can play a big part in marketing your business, if your current traffic and followers find your content informative and useful there will be a great chance that they will share it on their favorite social media channels, driving all kinds of new traffic to it as well!.. (the more likes and shares the better for SEO too!)   One of our Vancouver Island projects is, this site generates the majority of its traffic from the blog...

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Capt. Jeff’s Art for Life’s Sake

The Hands and Mind of George Sawchuck It was my luck to move to the Comox Valley and find George Sawchuck living just down the highway in Fanny Bay. It was only after he died that I began to think about the role he played in our lives. George was, for many who knew him, a priest without dogma or church. He simply functioned like a priest; he ministered to us. From his principled, benevolent belief in the potential of humanity he offered a rational critique of the 20th Century with an alternative perspective. From this coherent world-view came...

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The History of the Maple Pool Lawsuit

Background Maple Pool Campsite was annexed by the City of Courtenay in 2002. Prior to annexation, the property had for decades operated in its present form, that is to say a campsite with year round permanent residents. Dali and Jin Lin purchased it in 1996, while it was still a part of the Comox Valley Regional District. At the time the Lins purchased Maple Pool it was a veritable “den of iniquity”, known throughout the Comox Valley as a center of drug trafficking and minor crime. The RCMP attended there on a regular basis. The Lins introduced a policy...

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Upcoming Events

6:00 pm Salt Spring Wild Cider Masterclass
Salt Spring Wild Cider Masterclass
Apr 24 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Join us in kicking off BC Cider Week in a big way! Gerda will share Salt Spring Wild Cider’s amazing story of their fully organic cidery and techniques they use to honour the history of[...]
9:00 am Comox Valley Farmers’ Market
Comox Valley Farmers’ Market
Apr 28 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Each Saturday features a delicious recipe from the North Island Chefs Association – and of course all of the wonderful local producers of vegetables, meats, baking, preserves, fish and more! See you at the Native[...]
2:00 pm Presentation: African Grandmothe...
Presentation: African Grandmothe...
Apr 29 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Join the Glacier Grannies at d’Esterre Seniors’ Centre for an illustrated presentation fromElizabeth Sebesta about the African Grandmothers’ Gathering in Tanzania.$10 tickets include beverages and baked goodies.  Also – try a date with a mystery[...]


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