The chart for this month fairly screams, ‘back to school, back to work, summer’s over!’ We’re collectively feeling social, chatty, friendly, but the focus on work is intense! Energy, drive, motivation, discipline, all in the area of work, it’s a nice push off to a new school season. Even those of us not in school are freshly motivated to engage in tasks and projects we’ve procrastinated on. It’s not easy though; when we are not actively focusing, we’re incredibly distractable. So much to think about, so many sources of information, all the diverging trains of thought!

This blend of fun and focus can work well, as long as we don’t punish our selves (or others) for the tendency to dither. Managing time, focus and motivation is our big challenge. It’s easy to be carried away in conversation, only to realize that time has slipped away and deadlines are approaching. As long as we move in the direction of what we really want to be doing, we’ll stay on track.


September Forecast

Aries: You are so inspired in so many different directions that your head is spinning. You know you need to focus, but ideas abound. Self discipline is not a dirty word; it can be your friend now.
Taurus: You feel dreamy and sensitive, not as grounded as you would like. Allow yourself to let go, you deserve a break from reality. And tears are excellent soul lubrication.

Gemini:  You’re a mixed bag right now. You swing from feeling sensitive, expansive, nitpicky and aggressive, and emotionally changeable. Direct your energies into writing, that always helps.

Cancer: You feel driven and inspired, so much to do on a small scale that can affect and heal the big world out there. Trust yourself, your light is on, your heart is open. Your best is excellent.
Leo: You have something a bit more complicated on the go. Mind, heart and faith all working together in service of a larger vision. What could be bad? Stay with it, it could be awesome.

Virgo: Your focus is strong! You’re driven by a sense of duty, rightness, doesn’t mean you are right but you are trying and your motives are good. Be careful to receive feedback from others.

Libra: You are bright and shiny, adventure is on the expanding horizon, and you are ready for some exploring. Could be love, could be travel, but something new is percolating.
Scorpio:  Deep truth is rising; soon the rest of the world will no longer deny what you know. Whether you are working to keep the secret or reveal it is still to be seen! Habits die hard.
Sagittarius:  Your greatest adventures are social and intellectual now, as frustrations and obstacles prevent moving forward otherwise. Enjoy the love, it’s not a battle, it’s a blessing.

Capricorn: Your awareness of the big picture necessitates focusing on the details, and you are focused intently now. Avoid pushing others past their limits; there may be repercussions.

Aquarius: It’s clear sailing for the next while. You know what to do and how to be; the world is winging it along with you, life unfolds beautifully. It won’t last, but then, nothing does, does it?

Pisces: You find yourself in unfamiliar territory of cause and consequence, even your dreams have a mundane quality. If it makes you sad, tears are your friend. Breathe, work, be with what is.
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