I mean, did they just evolve on their own like humans or has there been some GMO stuff going on?
We all know they are man-made creatures as are chickens and Atlantic salmon. What I am questioning is why does a local Comox Valley Farmer feed organic seaweed to his cows? Yes, he holds a seaweed harvest license.
My guess is that these days it is probably cheaper to pull it off the beach near Deep Bay and haul it to his cows than it is to contribute financially to local hay growers and purchase the traditional feed.
Once again the wisdom of Christy Clark has manifested via the department of Agriculture to allow an increased tonnage removal of beach cast seaweed from our shores. The public hype is that it’s a million dollar product used in cosmetics and as a thickening agent.
What they don’t advertise is that it’s also a sickening agent in the form of carrageenan which really causes colitis and lots of folks suffer from it.
The reality of removal of organic bio mass from the beaches is that a multitude of creatures from the smallest microbe to Sockeye salmon SUFFER the loss of part of the food chain.
Perhaps a boycott of this well known local so called “organic” farmer and his products is in order?
How organic is a cow anyway? Is it more- so if fed seaweed ?
The Pacific Salmon Foundation is in cahoots with this farmer/seaweed remover, perhaps a boycott of this organization as well because they are not totally what they say they are…
Just saying…just thinking…just concerned about the removal of seaweed from our beaches here in Bowser…is your beach next?