Humans are complex and cannot be reduced to twelve simple categories. For best results, read holistically, as if every sign pertained to some aspect of yourself (for it does).

April Forecast

We are questing for answers in the only direction left to us: within. Our dreams and inner visions have always beckoned, but we avoid because we fear our own insides. Now, that fear is revealed, thrumming with power, eek!! But so what? To react to fear with fear sends us into spiraling loops of internal action-reaction such that we must act precipitately to escape the oscillating horror.

Hence, addiction, distraction, obsession and compulsion. The window is open now to take a closer look at the secret dream we harbour, which is revealed in shining simplicity. It is our favourite kind of love, and that’s all. Why so terrifying?

The answer is obvious and outrageous. We have been heavily conditioned to fear the desires of our hearts because it benefits those in power that we do. Yet, even they are helpless against the great forces that compel collective evolution. In a long slow progression, the time is coming, the collective heart is opening. Feel the fear, let it send a shiver through your bones. It will blow right on through, leaving the love where it naturally belongs. And then, we will act on the dream, make it real in the small ways we each can.

Aries: Your eyes are opening to your own dark secrets, you are cleaning out your basement. It is time to unite your right hand and your left, and to act for the good of both, correctly.

Taurus: You dig deeper than ever with the help of guidance from Source. You know your work serves the whole, yet still it sharpens the wound. Ask for help from those you love, trust.

Gemini: Your thoughts are deep and sober; the cries of the suffering echo in your depths. Talk about it, write it out. Ask, and you will be answered through your own agency. Breathe.

Cancer: Your little kid is afraid of the dark, but your grownup sees the truth and beauty that exists even in the hidden places. Rest, prayer and tears are called for more than ever now.

Leo: The old dream has a hold of you, rising like tide, filling you with sad poetry. It’s a good balance for the new dream, which scares you. It’s okay, take your time, think about it.

Virgo: You are called by destiny, inspired to step forth and claim a space in the garden for yourself and your kindred. You are ready to be acknowledged for your work, to be peer to the great.

Libra: You feel weak but you have strong support. Rely on the help offered, find your ground. You are powerful in your connections, in the love you have created, and in your breath.

Scorpio: Your mind is open, but your window into the world is dark. Old thought patterns, engraved onto your brain by pain, are dissolving like glass into sand. Now, you work.

Sagittarius: You know your duty now, and you face it along with fear. Consequences are calling, freedom is only free if others don’t suffer for you to have it. Time to pay your debts.

Capricorn: Your responsibility is personal now. Pay attention to your own actions and their consequences, think the unthinkable, confess and express. The world will forgive you easily.

Aquarius: Life seems more humdrum than you like lately, but squint your eyes and you will see Heaven on Earth, beckoning in the distance. The steps from here to there can’t be skipped, though.

Pisces: You feel the pain of the dream which is memory, part nightmare, part vision of happiness. Highlighted now, addictive patterns are ready to break, to dissolve and re-form as health.

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