Acclaimed classical pianist Sarah Hagen has wowed audiences live in concert halls and over the airwaves throughout North America and Europe. After five extremely successful years hosting our Classical Coffee Concert Series, Sarah returns to Nanaimo for an exquisite solo piano recital. Known for interpretations that exude passion and expressiveness, Sarah is performing Rachmaninoff’s complete Preludes Opus 32, a powerful, undiluted set of thirteen preludes composed in 1910. Rarely performed as a complete set, Sarah takes listeners on an intensely beautiful musical journey. This incredible show is 90 minutes of music and insightful artist talk back and is presented by the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music and the Port Theatre.  The recital will take place on 21 February at 7:30 pm in Nanaimo’s Port Theatre.

Adults $32  |  Members $28  |  Students $15  |  eyeGO $5 | Group purchases of 10 or more tickets will be discounted at $20 each

Tickets available at the Port Theatre’s box office at 250.754.8550 or online at

“…it was immediately apparent that this would be a piano concert beyond the norm…the level of passion that Hagen possesses — when it comes to experiencing, interpreting and expressing art — is something quite extraordinary.”  The Guardian (Charlottetown) March 2014

Sarah, why Rachmaninoff?  Can you tell us a little about what brought you to these works and why you’re including them in your concert repertoire?

The pieces I am highlighting on the programme are Rachmaninoff’s Opus 32 Preludes. There are 13 in the set. I played number 12 first, when I was a teenager, and I was transformed by the process. As interpreters, we often feel more connected to some composers as opposed to others. Rachmaninoff’s works seemed like oxygen to me, and so I began exploring the whole set. The pieces seemed like living forces, with so much elasticity and depth. A few years ago I came to realize that performers will pull a few pieces from the set, but that they are rarely played as a whole. I played through them all one day and realized that the power of the preludes was not just in their individuality, but in the way they carried the listener on a grand adventure when played all in one go. This seemed like an important experience to share with people.

Sarah Hagen Plays Rachmaninoff

Tuesday 21 February 2017 at 7:30 pm at the Port Theatre