Mar 15, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm


On deck MARCH 15:

AMIE WEBSTER, Motif Music Studios
HANS PETER MEYER, The LIFT referral program
See descriptions, “asks,” and “givebacks” below.

Help make economic shift happen Are you interested helping others – and yourself – grow businesses in the Comox Valley? Every month we get together to network and workshop two businesses. We use a collaborative, round table format that’s grown out of the #WeAreYQQ community economic development series. It’s powerful. It’s fun! And ALL participating businesses benefit. Join us for a short, informal chat and order a drink or dinner at 6:30, followed by a round table, collaborative workshop all about “working on the business!”


Participation is limited to 20 so everyone gets a full opportunity to engage.

Show up at 6:30pm for informal networking. Bring business cards, brochures, etc.

At 7pm we will workshop the 2 businesses “on deck,” 45 minutes each. They give a 5 minute summary of their business, including opportunities, challenges, what they can give to the round table, what they need help with. We also have a template that asks about customer/client acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue (Pirate Metrics, see below).

Our seating is limited. The $45 fee is a placeholder fee to secure intention and cover basic costs. If you show up, you get $20 back. If you repost the FB event on Facebook, get at least 3 likes or comments, and show me when you arrive at the event you get a $25 value OR a #WeAreYQQ Project hat. If you don’t show up, you don’t get your money back. No exceptions.

If you think there is someone who needs to be here, and who isn’t, please talk to me. I encourage using the #WeAreYQQ team channel at Slack.com as the place for conversations related to this and other #WeAreYQQ activities. To be part of the #WeAreYQQ team, send me an email asking to join: connect@hanspetermeyer.com

We will draw on Boris Mann’s workshop using the Pirate Metrics model. For more on AARRR metrics, see http://www.slideshare.net/dmc500hats/startup-metri…


★ JEFF and AMIE WEBSTER, Motif Music Studios

“Motif Music Studios is an education focused music school in the Comox Valley. We hire qualified, creative teachers who are passionate about creating a music program that suits each student as an individual. My husband Jeff and I started Motif Music Studios in 2010. We saw a need to provide educators with a professional work environment that allowed them to grow as individuals and teachers, continue professional development in a supportive, collaborative teaching community and be able to give the very best quality in music education to their students. Jeff’s experience in web programming, attention to detail, graphic and design work and interest in business ownership, combined with Amie’s passion for teaching and enjoyment of networking with others, gave them a unique opportunity to start this new initiative. Motif Music Studios has been very well received in our community. Our teachers have been committed, with many still with us since the beginning. We are looking to expand our daytime hours, hire new instructors for voice and strings and also fully launch our new Skype programs for Violin & Viola”

” 1. We would love to hear from other professionals and business owners to innovate ways to grow our daytime studio hours.
2. We’d love to start planning on expanding our teaching team. It takes many years of specific training to become a music teacher (much longer than a university degree). Because of this specialized training, we’d also love to innovate some ways to make sure wages and / or benefits reflect this, so that we can continue to see instructors willing to chose this career path. 3. We have our very first Skype instructor and would love to brainstorm ways to expand this program.”

Give back:
We would be happy to discuss some options. We could waive our registration fee of $30 for fellow LIFT business owners. Or, thinking broader, we could offer to host a special classical music event / fundraising concert for a cause that was important to us and chosen by the group present at this event? We are open to discussing some ideas on this one!


Website: motifmusicstudios.com and motif.kindermusik.com,
Facebook: facebook.com/motifmusicstudios and facebook.com/kindermusikwithmotif,
Instagram: @motifmusicstudios,
Twitter: @motifmusic
#hashtags: #motifmusicstudios #kindermusikwithmotif

★ HANS PETER MEYER, LIFT referral program

” LIFT started as a dream to engage and inspire entrepreneurs in the Comox Valley to think BIGger, to collaborate, to grow our grassroots “talent economy.” The revenue model is mixed. Events (limited income), consulting and social media support (growing), and subscriptions. It is my goal to have subscriptions driving the future of this enterprise, enabling me to hire more people, do more things of value, and support our emergent talent economy. That means I need to make LIFT super relevant to our regional entrepreneurs. I also need to empower every subscriber to be a referral agent. In late 2016 we launched the the LIFT referral program. In 2017 we will give back 20% of referral earnings to our communities. This will be done via “Festive Bonus” cheques, written either to individually referring entrepreneurs, or to community organizations they have designated. I am now consulting with a number of my mentors, as well as community leaders whom I respect, with regard to making the LIFT referral program a fundraising / marketing tool for a select number of community /charitable organizations. I need your help to make LIFT relevant and effective. I need your help to make the LIFT referral program a powerful engine for growth, not just for this business, but for our entrepreneur community. FMI see http://bit.ly/LIFTreferral”

” I am looking for answers to several questions:
1. How do I increase the incentive value of the referral program?
2. If we choose to highlight 3-4 community organizations as potential fundraising partners, who are your top choices?
3. What is your general feedback on the referral program and the 20% giveback?
4. Please give me feedback on the referral form at http://bit.ly/LIFTreferral”

Give back to the table:
” A small – but beautiful – token of my appreciation for your feedback: one-of-a-kind #WeAreYQQ copper tags, hand-crafted by Fire & Hammer Forgeworks. For everyone who participates in the workshop.”


Referral website: http://bit.ly/LIFTreferral
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LIFT_WeAreYQQ
Instagram: http://instagram.com/LIFT_WeAreYQQ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LIFTweareyqq
Hashtag: #WeAreYQQ #WeAreYBL


This series of round table business development workshops is hosted by me (hpm), and the LIFT Solution Sponsors as part of this community economic development initiative.

Want to support this LIFT work? Let’s talk. I’m looking for several “solution sponsors” and “community partners” to help grow our Comox Valley startup community, but the really important support will come from individual Champions and Ambassadors who see value in what we’re doing. For the marketing and business development benefits of becoming a subscriber see: http://joinusatlift.ca

Thanks to Solution Sponsors Adil Amlani at Sure Copy Courtenay, Lief Jason at Mastermynde.com, Sue Finneron at Finneron Hyundai, hpm at hanspetermeyer.ca, the Comox Valley Record, 98.9 The GOAT, and 50th Parallel PR for your support in 2016.

Thanks also to 2015-17 Community Partners Atlas Cafe, Hollie Wood Oysters, Hansen & Hansen Painting, Island Word, My Tech Guys, Ron Pogue Photography, McKinnon Photography, Gladstone Brewing, and Jabin Postal Films!

Join our LIFT Team – subscribe as a Business or Champion and access $1000s in perks and benefits to grow your business! Plus, our referral program is giving 20% back to our community in 2017. Please send your referrals here to get started: http://bit.ly/LIFTreferral

It takes a community to grow entrepreneurs. It tak