Apr 3, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
975 Comox Road
Courtenay, BC, Courtenay, British Columbia

Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs grow businesses in our community!

Tickets at https://www.picatic.com/APR3

On deck APRIL 3:

ANDREA POSTAL, In Bloom Births
JEN BURT, Jen Burt Counselling & Art Therapy
See descriptions, “asks,” and “givebacks” below.

Help make economic shift happen
Research on business development shows that the fastest way to grow a successful business is to find a mentor, and find a community of entrepreneur​s. At BizOnDeck​ workshops you are part of an emerging community of entrepreneur​s on Vancouver Island​ who are helping each other succeed.

We use a collaborative, round table format that’s grown out of two years of grassroots business and community economic development in the Comox Valley​. ALL participating businesses benefit. Join us for a short, informal chat and order a drink or dinner at 6:30, followed by a round table, collaborative workshop all about “working on the business!”​It’s powerful – and it’s fun!

Show up at 6:30pm for informal networking. Bring business cards, brochures, etc.

At 7pm we will workshop the 2 businesses “on deck,” 45 minutes each. They give a 3 minute summary of their business, and what they need help with. We also have a template that asks about customer/client acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue (Pirate Metrics, see below). We draw on Boris Mann’s workshop using the Pirate Metrics model. For more on AARRR metrics, see http://www.slideshare.net/dmc500hats/startup-metri…

Our seating is limited. The $45 fee is a placeholder fee to secure intention and cover basic costs. If you show up, you get $20 back. If you repost the FB event on Facebook, get at least 3 likes or comments, and show me when you arrive at the event you get a $25 value OR a #WeAreYQQ hat. If you don’t show up, you don’t get your money back. No exceptions.

If you think there is someone who needs to be here, and who isn’t, please use the Buddy Pass ticket to get them in. Register yourself, then register your buddy (we’ll need their name and email, etc)


★ ANDREA POSTAL, In Bloom Births

In Bloom Births is a full-spectrum doula agency that is one of it’s kinda in the Comox Valley, offering labor and postpartum doula services, placenta encapsulation, and childbirth education, all under one roof.

What makes In Bloom Births unique:

We are a one-stop for clients to access multiple doulas, services, and flexible support. I have multiple doulas contracted by IBB who share a similar philosophy of compassionate, non-judgemental support. Many doulas means the needs of clients can be met. Doulas can be paired with clients according to both availability and as well as their unique training, attributes, and personality.

With about 2-3% of women currently using labor or postpartum doula support, there is a huge market available to us. I am seeking to see a shift from this work being largely volunteer based, to being seen as a valuable service that families not only want, but don’t want to do without. I feel I am also elevating the professional standard for this industry, a necessary change that needs to happen for the value of doula support to be truly recognized. Through intentional marketing and branding, I am motivated to bring a greater awareness to “the modern doula”, that truly meets a need that all families have.

I need help understanding: how to reach my target market, how to effectively communicate to them what a doula does, and help them see why they need to hire one. When I share with families what we offer, most don’t realize it exists (particularly postpartum support), and they wish it’d been available to them when they needed it. I also need help communicating the value in our unique brand and approach, our professionalism and high standards, and why these are all things that set us apart.

Give Back
10% discount to all workshop participants




★ JEN BURT, Jen Burt Counselling & Art Therapy

I’m a professional art therapist & counsellor. Art Therapy is much more than making macaroni necklaces! It’s the intersection where art and psychotherapy meet. It’s fascinating. I can use it to 1) diagnose someone 2) treat a diagnosis 3) as an adjunct to talk therapy. I’m running a very successful business (wait list and cancellation list always), with only a Facebook page (I’ve been “working on” my website for a year now, LOL).

Most of my clients are covered under benefits packages (translate: insurance coverage that pays me half of my regular wage). I’m very busy with these, but would like an 80/20 private paying/insurance contract split. I’d like a business knowledge and support.

I’m asking for help with: marketing to a wider audience (private, non-insured), rebranding (I’ve started but need input), reframing my story for marketing, and how to give back to our community.

Give Back
$10 donation for each participant ( 20?) to the Comox Valley Transition Society




This series of round table business development workshops is hosted by me (hpm), and the LIFT Solution Sponsors as part of this community economic development initiative.

Want to support this LIFT work? Let’s talk. I’m looking for several “solution sponsors” and “community partners” to help grow our Comox Valley startup community, but the really important support will come from individual Champions and Ambassadors who see value in what we’re doing. For the marketing and business development benefits of becoming a subscriber see: http://joinusatlift.ca

Thanks to Solution Sponsors Adil Amlani at Sure Copy Courtenay, Lief Jason at Mastermynde.com, Sue Finneron at Finneron Hyundai, hpm at hanspetermeyer.ca, the Comox Valley Record, 98.9 The GOAT, 50th Parallel PR, and Jabin Postal Films for your support in 2015-2017.

Thanks also to 2015-17 Community Partners Atlas Cafe, Hollie Wood Oysters, Hansen & Hansen Painting, Island Word, My Tech Guys, Ron Pogue Photography, McKinnon Photography, Gladstone Brewing, Island Soul Films, and Studio IPF: Inner Pursuit Fitness!

Join our LIFT Team and become a LIFT VIP – subscribe as a Business or Champion and access $1000s in perks and benefits to grow your business! Plus, our referral program is giving 20% back to our community in 2017. Please send your referrals here to get started: http://bit.ly/LIFTreferral

It takes a community to grow entrepreneurs. It takes a community of entrepreneurs to successfully grow startups. Thanks to you, we’re making this shift happen in the Comox Valley, Campbell River, and soon in Qualicum Beach!